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The Legacy of Floyd Money Mayweather

Boxing is a sport that has always seen periods of popularity. Many fight fans feel that 2017 has been an amazing year for boxing. You can’t discuss boxing in the past 20 years without mentioning Floyd Mayweather. Statistics from 2014-2015

How Temporary Tattoos Can Spice Up Your Next Gathering

Are you looking for a fun party gift that everyone can enjoy? Have you always loved body art, but don’t want to settle on anything permanent? Consider looking at temporary tattoos as a potential stocking stuffer or party favor. Given

Three Things to Do Now to Fight Your Aging Process

There are two things we always say are going to be true for everyone: death and taxes. No one is going to escape the mighty hand of Uncle Sam when it comes to paying what we owe on April 15

Protecting Your New Employees With the Proper Apparel

Accidents happen on the job every year. No matter what the job, accidents happen. It is part of the human condition that sometimes people go left when they should go right or go up when they should be going down.