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Are you looking for a fun party gift that everyone can enjoy? Have you always loved body art, but don’t want to settle on anything permanent? Consider looking at temporary tattoos as a potential stocking stuffer or party favor. Given that a 2013 survey showed that seven out of 10 parents spent over $300 on their child’s birthday party, temporary tattoos can be a fun (and less expensive) party favor than some, while still adding a nice personal touch. Temporary tattoos can even be used to create a lovely set of custom drink coasters, which can either be used as a nice statement for your home or another fun — more grown-up — gift to give to others. Temporary tattoos are safe, low budget, and fun, as well as easy customizable — what’s not to love?

Talk to Me About Temporary Tattoos

The FDA classifies temporary tattoos as decals that can be used to decorate any part of the body. Generally, they’ll stay put for anywhere from one day to a week and are particularly popular around Halloween, especially with children. Temporary tattoos can be a fun way to decorate your body without committing — about a quarter of people with tattoos say they regret getting it. And, with a temporary tattoo, you don’t have to worry about developing an infection, getting itchy, or having other negative reactions, the way you might with a real tattoo.

There are all types of temporary tattoos — from metallic and glitter tattoos, to temporary henna tattoos, to ones specially made for kids. To put a temporary tattoo on, you’ll want to remove the protective plastic covering and put it face down on your skin. Hold it in place for 30-60 seconds (you’ll usually want to wet the paper back) and then afterwards, peel off the paper back. Hydrating the skin afterwards with thin, water-based lotion can also be a good idea!

How Can I Apply Temporary Tattoos to Custom Drink Coasters?

Beverage coasters were actually first made in 1880 by a German printing company, and Watney Brewery later brought them to the United Kingdom in 1920 as a marketing tool. Today, beverage coasters in bars and restaurants usually fall under custom drink coasters, which advertise a brand or product or celebrate a specific occasion.

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project, applying temporary tattoo to plain coasters and then laminating over them can be a fun way to really add some creativity and a personal touch to your party. Silly pictures of guests, a small commemoration of the event, or a pretty design can wow guests. They can also be a great party favor to take home at the end of the night.

If you get temporary tattoos in bulk, creating your own custom drink coasters can be a breeze — and you’ll likely have plenty of spare temporary tattoos to share afterwards as well.

Where Can I Get Bulk Temporary Tattoos?

If you’re looking for a brick and mortar store, looking at party stores is a good place to go. They usually specialize in party decorations and party favors, so you’re sure to find a good variety there — especially if you’re looking for kids temporary tattoos.

However, looking online can make a bulk order easier (for one thing, they’ll ship it right to your door, so there’s less schlepping involved) and you may find a much greater variety with certain websites. And, purchasing online can often be more affordable than going to a physical store, especially if you’re planning on buying in bulk.

Make your party one to remember with custom drink coasters and fun temporary tattoos!

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