In a recent HairRX study conducted with 1,000 women, 80 percent of the participants aged 30-60 admitted that their hair can influence their personal outlook. There are many ways women can change their hair to accomplish this, but one way that is growing in popularity is to buy hair extensions. As a whole, the hair extension market has been growing at a rate of 2.7% and is projected to grow at 3% growth rate over the next few years. A hair extensions salon use hair extensions made from both real human hair and synthetic sources and binds them to a client’s head by various means. There are, in fact, many reasons for customers to visit a hair extensions salon and this article will take a look at a few of those reasons.

  • Individual Hair Extensions Can Thicken Hair: One reason to visit a hair extensions salon is because these hair extensions can be used to thicken hair. About 47% of hair loss sufferers reported they’d spend their life savings to have a full head of hair again. While hair extensions can’t completely reverse hair loss, they can re-thicken the hair and make it appear closer to what it used to be, which can be a great relief to those who are slowly losing their hair.
  • You Can Get a Hairstyle that Imitates a Celebrity’s: Another reason to visit a hair extensions salon is because you can have the opportunity to get a hairstyle that imitates that of a celebrity you admire. Let’s face it, there are many customers who would love to have a hairstyle that exactly resembles that of a celebrity but can’t because their hair isn’t quite right as it is. But with hair extensions, hair can be changed or added to in such a way that makes it easier for stylists to recreate a certain look or hairstyle on their client.
  • Hair Extensions Allow You to Freely Experiment with Hairstyles: And finally, a third reason to visit hair extension salons is because getting hair extensions allows customers to freely experiment with different hairstyles. One of the great benefits of hair extensions is that, while they exactly resemble real hair when it’s attached to the scalp, they can also be quickly removed if a hairstyle goes wrong or if the customer doesn’t like it. This allows a greater freedom in experimenting with new looks, since the extensions can easily be removed afterward to allow the customer to try again

In conclusion, there are several reasons to visit a hair extensions salon. These reasons include: individual hair extensions can thicken hair, you can get a hairstyle that imitates that of a celebrity, and hair extensions allow you to freely experiment with different hairstyles. These are just a few of the reasons to visit a hair extension salon.

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