Types of beach glass

Buying gifts for someone is such a beautiful expression of how you feel about them. There are so many things that you can buy for someone, how can you possibly narrow it down? Even in just the realm of jewelry you can get sea glass anklets, white gold earrings, rose gold necklaces, silver rings, belly bars, knuckle rings, nose rings, toe rings and any other assortment of rings. So, how do you know which is the right gift for someone? Here are a few ways that you can decide what kind of jewelry you should get as a gift for any person. Ask yourself the following questions and that will help you narrow it down.

What kind of jewelry do they normally wear?
People tend to follow certain patterns where jewelry is involved. This is either because this is how they feel the most comfortable and feel like they look the best or it can also be because they just don’t own anything else but haven’t gotten the chance to go out and get something. You can see what kind of jewelry they prefer simply by watching how they dress. This will help you to be able to tell if they only wear necklaces, if they branch out to anklets or stick to earrings.

Are they allergic to any kind of metals?
Some women can only wear real gold or real silver otherwise they break out in a rash and swell up. It’s a fairly common allergy so if the person you want to give a gift to loves anklets but can only wear real metals, you may not be able to afford that. That’s where sea glass anklets come in. There are different types of sea glass anklets but usually they are all non-allergenic which makes them incredible gifts for people with sensitive skin.

What kind of relationship do you have with them?
This will determine what type of jewelry you buy them. A white gold ring says engagement, a dainty rose gold necklace says “I want to be more than friends,” an anklet says “you’re my stylish buddy,” and so on and so forth. There are a million things you could say with the different sea glass necklace designs or gold plated earrings. Whatever the case may be, make sure you are not over emphasizing nor under emphasizing the size and type of your friendship.

What is the occasion?
If you’re asking someone to be your fiance, sea glass anklets aren’t going to cut it. But if you’re telling a decent friend “happy birthday,” it’s the perfect gift. Likewise, a pearl necklace is a gift unto itself for birthdays and Christmas but a bundle of bangles is a great stocking stuffer. The occasion needs to match the gift. There’s nothing more awkward than giving someone a gift on a holiday who doesn’t have a gift for you. You can remind them that you don’t give gifts just to receive them all you want but they’ll feel bad that they don’t have something for you anyway.

How much can you spend?
Budget is important. Don’t go into debt over jewelry. Don’t go into debt over anything, as a a matter of fact, but that’s another article. Buying something you can afford is much more sentimental than maxing out your credit cards in order to give someone a gift, which is not only crazy but irresponsible. That is not what credit cards are for.

Gift giving is such a nice way to show someone that you appreciate them but you really should try and get a feel for what they would want to receive. Don’t project your own desires on your friends or recipients because what they like and want to have could be completely different from what you would choose. Giving them something that they would pick out for themselves will speak so much to them about how well you know them. On the contrary, if you give them something that they think is absolutely hideous or would never buy for themselves, they might wonder how well you two really know each, after all. For example, giving a selfie stick to someone who abhors selfies is almost an offensive gift. You don’t want to go there!

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