The YouTube video shows how much fun a community farmers market can be when planned properly. These functions are often held in remote locations outside the city or town, close to the farms. Your journey starts with identifying the purpose of your event; is it to give the community access to fresh, locally grown produce, create awareness around agricultural practices, or support the local farmers? Once you’ve identified the purpose, the real planning starts.

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The ABC of Planning a Community Farmer’s Market

Start with establishing a planning committee. The committee’s sole purpose is to plan the event.

This includes selecting the location, time, and date and securing permits and licenses for the farmer’s market. Additionally, the committee is tasked with finding the appropriate farmers and vendors to supply the attendees with locally-grown produce.

The success of the farmer’s market lies in the applied marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies will draw a big crowd. Another key feature is ensuring that there are adequate facilities. As mentioned, these events are often held in remote locations with no proper restroom facilities. A porta potty rental in Lakeland will ensure the attendees have the facilities they need at the location and won’t need to leave to find facilities.

Finally, there should be entertainment. Also, the entertainment should be aligned with the theme and purpose of the event. Once these elements are in place, your event should be a success.

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