When hosting get togethers, or just to spruce up the day to day, table linens can help add extra flair to your dining space. There are numerous colors, patterns, and designs to mix and match for any season or theme. It’s easy to accumulate multiple tablecloths, and then realize you’re not sure how to properly store them.

How To Keep Table Skirts and Cloths Safe

One way to keep your table linen safe, clean, and unwrinkled, is by investing in table linen hangers. These specially designed hangers are wide enough to hold larger linens, and even fitted table covers.

Table linen hangers also offer an out of the way option for easily storing and organizing all your tablecloths and skirts. They can be neatly tucked away and pulled out when needed, without having to worry about unsightly wrinkles or dirt. They can be stored in the back of your clothes closet, or even in a hall coat or storage closet. Out of sight, and out of mind, until your next big party or change of decor.

Additionally, fitted table linens, not unlike fitted sheets, can be a confusing mess to try and fold up properly. Being able to easily hang them and put them away can help eliminate one more unnecessary struggle. This can also help prevent them from getting stretched and worn out, allowing them to last much longer than they would otherwise.

Tablecloths can add an eye catching bit of flair to your dining area, and are the perfect way to begin decorating for holidays and parties. Investing in multiple patterns and designs can also give you an easy option for switching anytime during the year. If you have multiple tablecloths or skirts, or even a very nice one for special occasions, investing in table linen hangers can help prevent damage.

It may sound like a minuscule thing, but sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. Keep your table linens looking great for years to come, and help keep your closets a tiny bit tidier.

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