This is a video that helps a person organize their refrigerator to ensure food stays cold. Also, it has tips on how to make sure food is consumed before its expiry date.

The first step is making sure drinks, like milk, juices, sodas, and sparkling water is maintained at a cold temperature. This is the lowest part of the refrigerator, near the vegetable bins; because as we know “heat rises.”

To optimize space and make the most of all appliances, buy an oblong container for storing soda cans in. Also, place wine bottles on their side on a piece of rubber shelf liner to keep them from rolling.

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This can be in the smallest shelf section of the fridge.

Next, place ‘best consume dates’ on all lunch meat, eggs, and other food that might spoil early. Use a marker to mark the dates on food items.

Condiments should be stored in the door, and downsize containers as they are used. This ensures fewer bulky containers taking up space. Use a label maker to mark where each item is to be placed on the shelves.

Store the same vegetables with each other. Wash vegetables and store in zipper baggies to keep them fresher. Chop and wash all vegetables and place in see-through containers.

To ensure everything in your fridge stays fresh, the first thing to do is keep your pantry stocked. Ensure to have plenty of zip-lock baggies, a shopping list, and your label maker.

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