Super Thin Wallets

Thick wallets can cause all kinds of problems. Not only can they make it harder to access the things you need, but their bulk can make it hard to easily fit in your pocket. If you’re tired of fighting with your old clunky wallet, here are a few reasons why you should trade it in for an ultra slim wallet instead.

The Benefits of Super Thin Wallets

Super thin wallets have a host of benefits when compared to thicker, clunkier versions. Here are the top 3 that you can expect to gain.

  • Back Pain. Most of us carry our wallets in our back pockets, but when it’s too big, and cluttered with receipts, cards, cash, and whatever else, they can become a real pain in the backside. Credit card wallets are designed to be thin so they can only carry our cards, along with a small amount of cash. This forces you to cut back on the hoarding of unnecessary items, and saves your back a lot of pain. In fact, sitting on thicker wallets can even contribute to debilitating health issues like sciatica. This happens due to the wallet putting pressure against nerves and causing damage. In this way super thin wallets don’t just save us space, but the can save our backs in the long run.
  • Credit Card Lifespan. Super thin wallets designed specially for credit cards help keep your credit cards in good condition for as long as you have them. Overfilled wallets can contribute to bending and damage, especially while sitting on them. I know I’ve had to replace a few cards because they’ve gotten bent and worn down beyond repair. Credit card wallets stop this before it starts, and saves you the time and hassle of having to order brand new cards.
  • Access. These are easy access wallets, designed so that you can easily find everything when you need it. Larger wallets invite clutter, and it’s easy to get into the habit of stuffing old receipts, cash, change, and cards into it haphazardly. This over cluttering can also make it easier to lose your wallet, as there’s a good chance it will have a harder time fitting securely in your pocket. Super thin wallets make it impossible for us to overfill them, so we never have to worry about this, or having to dig through old garbage to find the right card.

Old bulky wallets just aren’t worth the fight and hassle. Not only are super thin wallets easier to access, but they can help prevent painful back problems in the future, and future irritation from bend cards or lost wallets. If you’re tired of fighting with your old clunky wallet, it may be time to upgrade to this sleeker, slimmer option.

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