Flowers are plants that have long since captured the imagination of people around the world. They are not typically eaten, and they are not grown as crops like corn or wheat or tomatoes. Rather, flowers are essential as decorations, gifts, and even symbology. Many civilizations around the world assign important symbolic meaning to flowers, including nobility and kingdoms. This ranges from the Chrysanthemum Throne, or the emperor of Japan, all the way to the War of the Roses in late medieval England, between the Red Roses and White Roses of two feuding Houses. Many cultures have assigned meaning to other flowers, and the red rose, symbolizing romantic love, is a well-known example, but is far from the only one. All of this means that consumers around the world simply love flowers for their fragrance and beauty, and this gives rise to a robust florist industry today. Ordinary customers and businesses alike may order flowers for all sorts of occasions. An online search such as “Baltimore florist” or “good florists in San Diego CA” may be a fine way to start searching.

The Love of Flowers

When is it time to buy some flowers, and how much do people like them? The short answer is: often. Many surveys are conducted to find out what sort of gifts people give each other and why, and the numbers show that flowers are a great gift for nearly anyone. For example, some 88% of survey respondents have said that a gift of flowers can improve their mood, and 89% of women say that receiving a gift of flowers makes them feel special. Women in particular enjoy flowers, and 92% of them say that they can remember the last time they received flowers as a gift. Similarly, a staggering 99% of survey respondents agree that a person who gives flowers as a gift is very thoughtful.

When is it time to look up a florist and buy some flowers as a gift? St. Valentine’s Day is a common time to buy flowers, and often, men will buy flower bouquets from florists for their wives or girlfriends (and thus, flowers are often more expensive during this time, too). Red roses are a common flower to buy for this holiday, but personalized bouquets can be made, too. In fact, sometimes women (for various reasons) will buy flowers and send a bouquet to themselves. Mother’s Day, meanwhile, is another common holiday for flowers, and many people will buy bouquets for their mothers (as well as step-mothers and mothers-in-law). In this case, the bouquet may be completely customized to suit the recipient’s own tastes.

An ordinary customer will look up “Baltimore florists” or “good Baltimore florists” for their own use, but large flower arrangements are often made wholesale. For example, a wedding ceremony and reception is a major time for flowers, and part of planning a wedding is contacting and hiring a florist to help. This may involve a specialized search, such as Maryland couples looking up “Baltimore florists for wedding” or something to that effect. Weddings call for many flowers, such as for the bride’s and each bridesmaid’s handheld bouquets. Not to mention floral arrangements across the premises during the reception or the ceremony itself. Many receptions may feature small vases or glass jars with small bouquets on the tables during the reception meal. As for which flowers to get, this varies based on the wedding’s level of formality, color schematic, and more. Many different colors and materials should match for a wedding’s decor and each person’s clothing alike, and that includes flowers. Clashing or gaudy colors may be avoided with some planning, and the wedding party (or planner) will arrange for a trustworthy florist to deliver high-quality flowers at the right time to the premises.

Funerals also call for flowers. During a funeral or wake, flowers serve to soften the somber tone, and to act as pleasant tributes to the deceased. This includes floral arrangements during a wake or the funeral, and here again, a local florist may be contacted to deliver a large number of flowers. It is also common for visitors to a grave site to lay down bouquets or even just single flowers as personal tributes to the deceased there.

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