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Knowing the rules of scuba diving is important. According to Florida State Statute 327.73, a diver can face a $50 fine for not following diving flag laws. Having the right scuba diving equipment is essential for a great and safe dive. Here are three essential pieces of scuba diving equipment.

  • Wetsuit: These suits are made to protect the diver while in water. Contrary to popular belief, a wetsuit does let a small amount of water in. The water that is let in is used to form a thin layer between suit and wearer. This layer of water warms to match the body temperature of the diver, acting as a sort of insulation. Wetsuits are made of different layers of thickness. Thicker wetsuits are used in colder conditions.
  • Mask: A scuba mask is used to help the diver see underwater. It is also used to protect the diver eyes from any underwater debris. When scuba diving, special goggles must be used. Normal goggles used in swimming pools offer no nose protection. Scuba divers may need their nose or mouth to be attached to scuba tanks. A scuba diver must have nose protection to allow for any changes in the air. It is recommended to find a tempered glass pair of goggles to reduce instances of fogging.
  • Underwater Light: These lights are commonly used in night diving situations. However, lights can be used during the day. Visibility can be greatly reduced, especially when diving around large objects. A diver usually has two types of lights: primary and secondary. Primary lights are typically a higher strength and can emit a wide beam of light. Secondary lights are smaller in nature but still able to provide a strong light path.
  • In closing, there are a few essential pieces of scuba diving equipment you do not want to be without. A wetsuit will act as a second skin while you are in the water. Wearing a mask underwater ensures you are able to see what is around you. In addition, you can see even further with the assistance of a quality underwater light. There are scuba gear packages that offer the entire setup for a beginning scuba diver. Ensuring you have the right scuba diving equipment keeps you safe and ready for anything.

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