It’s time to throw a special event. You have a hundred people to invite and only so much time to get everything pitch perfect. How do you get it all sorted?

Getting your furniture and accessories out of the way is a great place to start! You want to ensure every single person who drops by is feeling the love at first sight, which means getting smart about what you buy and how you use it. Could a burlap tablecloth add a rustic charm to your set-up? What about a metal tablecloth clip or two to make sure your decorations don’t blow away in the wind? You’re on a budget and a time limit, so buckle down and read on.

These five tips will make sure your next wedding, baby shower, or birthday party goes off without a hitch!

Take A Look At How Everyone Else Is Doing Their Weddings

It never hurts to peek over the proverbial shoulder of the hobby and see how everyone else is getting along. The average number of guests at a wedding has stayed steady at 135, with many professional caterers often working with 100 to 250 people. That should give you an idea as to the volume you should expect for your own event. Before you even touch the design part of the party you should ensure nobody is left blowing in the wind. Have you sent out your invitations?

Make Sure Invitations Are Sent Out As Early As Possible

Easily one of the biggest headaches of the beginner and even intermediate party planner is failing to send out invitations. For guests that live within the same city you can send them out two or three weeks in advance. Ideally you should be mailing these out two months in advance for your out-of-town guests, though: all the better to give them time to plan out their travel arrangements. It’s little details like this that really go a long way. Speaking of which…

Create A Rustic Look For Maximum Appeal

What details are you thinking of cobbling together to create a uniform look? Are you thinking of poppy colors that invoke feelings of the modern age or do you want something a little more old-fashioned? If you chose the latter, you’re in luck…rustic styles have seen a huge resurgence these last few years in several industries. One study found rustic weddings seeing a big rise in interest, with the traditional ‘banquet hall wedding’ having fallen flat over the last 15 years. Burlap fabric, wooden furniture, and neutral color schemes are great ways of currying nostalgia.

Keep Metal Tablecloth Clips And Napkins On Stand-By

Your best quality is your creativity and your ability to think ahead. Want to prevent frustrating accidents from tearing down your wedding or birthday party? Make sure you have the metal tablecloth clip close at hand. These are incredibly useful at keeping any loose fabrics from blowing away in the wind, pairing nicely with the fitted tablecloth cover and chair cover. Make sure you have enough napkins to keep both adults and children safe from sudden spills or embarrassing stains!

Have Fun With Your Set-Up And Spread The Cheer

When in doubt…just have fun. This is a foundation you can always fall back on when the stress of the week is starting to get you down. A recent study found there are over 85,000 searches for wedding decorations conducted every week, with that number expected to continue. Event planners today put in a lot of work to keep up with changing trends, from setting up conferences to even changing their local marketing approach. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with a smile.

Ready to create the party of the year? Look into burlap napkins or a metal tablecloth clip to keep your equipment list well-rounded!

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