High end furniture

Moving into a new place? You’re probably wondering what furniture you should be buying. Furniture is what gives your home personality and functionality all in one fell swoop, something that can transform your space from mediocre to incredibly beautiful based on your choices. European design furniture is still one of the most popular choices for homeowners due to their preference for sleek designs, high-quality materials and a wide variety of choices to muse over. Modern Italian furniture can offer you recliners and sofas for your living room, sectional couches for movie nights and additional accessories to breathe life into your brand new space. Before you shop, read below to learn a little more about taking care of leather, choosing the right sofa and how to create the ideal home.

Start From The Ground Up

Don’t go overboard with big goals. Take a look at your apartment or new home and consider the basics you may be lacking. Do you have a space for relaxing? How about a space for studying? You’re going to need to pull out all the stops for the busy work week and even a minor lagging in one area can leave you frustrated, unfulfilled and scrambling to fill in the gap. A recent survey conducted by Furniture Today has found Millennials becoming the largest consumer group in the U.S. furniture and bedding market — the time frame between 2012 and 2014 saw the group’s spending increasing by an astonishing 142%.

Always Choose High Quality Materials

Why spend your hard-earned money on materials that won’t even hold up? Before you buy a sectional sofa or Italian furniture, take a glance at some of the materials on display. Leather, even now, is much preferred among many different budget types for its beautiful appearance, easy maintenance and affordability. Studies have shown up to 60% of people buying new furniture over used to save money in the long-term and a sofa can have a lifespan of anywhere from seven to 15 years, depending. If you’re worried about how long your items will last, creating a strong foundation now will pay off years down the road.

Factor In Your Furniture Usage

Knowing how often you use certain furniture, such as a sectional sofa or modern couches, should dictate how much money you spend. After all, an item you interact with rarely throughout the week isn’t going to accumulate nearly as much wear and tear as an item you use on a daily basis! People will sit on their sofa for an average of four hours daily, with the average sofa accumulating over 1,600 spills over its lifetime. Additionally? The average sofa will host over 750 visitors and bare witness to over 700 movies. As you can imagine, a sectional sofa is going to be one area you absolutely won’t want to skimp out on.

Keep Your Leather Nicely Maintained

If you’ve been swayed to leather products like so many other American homeowners and renters, you’re probably wondering how you can keep it going strong over the years. Tip number one is to always clean spills that arise — leather is easy to wipe off but notoriously hard to clean if spills are left to stain, so having a clean cloth nearby at all times will help immensely in preserving its appearance. Tip number two is to use a specialized leather conditioner every six to 12 months. Last, but not least, keep leather out of direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid wrinkling.

Choose The Right Home Furniture

What furniture works for you? It’s time to give yourself the test. If you’re a social person and regularly have visitors over, a sectional sofa is easy to customize and can make anyone comfortable for any sort of setting or event. Italian furniture regularly places great emphasis on high quality materials and striking designs, ideal if you don’t want to go too heavy on a layout and want something that can work no matter the changes you go through. A recliner can be useful if you watch a lot of television and a big sofa is prime for large families. All in all, good furniture really is the key element to a good home.

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