Onesie pajamas for adults

If there’s anything all humans have in common is this: we sleep. While experts recommend that we get a heaping eight hours of sleep per night, many of us differ in our evening rituals, from amount of sleep to where we sleep and what we sleep in. And when it comes to pajamas, there are several variations. And believe it or not, what you wear to bed can say quite a lot about you.
Eager to find out how your p.j’s dictate your personality? Check out this simple and quick personality quiz below. To play, find what you most commonly (or are most likely to) wear to bed, and check out the description below.

Cotton Nightgown
You like to play it safe. Growing up, you were the kind to always listen to everything your teacher told you and to have your shoe laces fastened tightly. Your bedtime ritual is pristine, and consists of 50 identical hair brushes on either side of your head, a rejuvenating cucumber mask for exactly 10 minutes, and an 8 ounce glass of lukewarm filtered water in order to promote digestion. You NEVER eat after 7 p.m., and we bet you’ve never had a dark circle under your eye ever.

Random Oversized T-Shirt
It’s likely you didn’t do your laundry today, or yesterday, or even the day before that. In fact, this was the first thing you could find on your floor when you got out of the shower this evening. It smelled clean enough and that’s all that matters. You’ll probably fall asleep with popcorn crumbs strewn across your body and an episode of Mad Men blaring until Netflix asks you if you are alive and still watching.

Adult Pajamas Onesies
You are a kid at heart. You got your pajamas onesies online. When you found out that you could have a pair in every color, you flipped out and ordered ten — on your credit card, of course. Isn’t it so cool that adults can have credit cards? For dinner tonight, you likely ate a large bowl of ice cream followed by a single crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce. After all, you need vegetables to continue being strong. Every night, you’re excited that pajamas for adults exists and as an adult, you and your adult footed pajamas onesies can go to bed whenever you’d like. The only thing you don’t like about your adult onesie pajamas are those midnight trips to the bathroom. Those are a pain.

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