Mana shirts

One of the most popular types of entertainment and media that people consume on a daily basis is music. Yes, music. While it may seem simple, this is without a doubt the most consumed type of media available to consumers in not just America, but across the entire planet. It is like driving and owning a car in that so many people own and drive cars on a daily basis that they forget how special it is to do so. People often take for granted how much artistry is contained within the music they listen to. The simple action of strumming a guitar is a specialized task that takes almost an entire lifetime to master for the average person. One of the most popular of genre in particular is the genre of rock and roll. As a matter of fact, it is so popular that rock and roll exits all over the world and even in the country of Mexico. One of the most popular rock bands in Mexico is a band named: mana. If you have never heard of this band, then here is your guide to the rock and roll band, mana.

Rock and roll is played throughout the course of history, across the entire planet that we call Earth. Bands like The Clash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and so many other are considered to be classic American rock and roll when in fact they are international bands. For Mexico, the band mana is considered to be of this caliber of a rock and roll band in terms of their popularity in their home country. So popular that there are mana t shirts, mana clothing lines, and other types of mana clothes. If you are someone that has never heard of the band mana before, the following facts will help you put things into perspective. Mana, The Mexican rock and roll band, formed as a group over 30 years ago in Guadalajara. The four official members that make up this band are named: lead vocalist Fher Olvera, bass guitarist Juan Calleros, lead guitarist Sergio Vallin, and the drummer and back up vocalist: Alex Gonazel. The very first album ever written, recorded, and released by the band mana was done so in the year 1990 and the name of this album is Falta Amor. Since the release of that first album, they have released a number of other albums. This has involved the band mana managing to sell over 40 million albums across the entire world. Also, the band mana has over 50 number one hits on the global billboards, not just on the billboards of Mexico. This band mana has had success with critics and fans alike not only in Mexico, but also across the world. One of the many reasons why this band is loved is because of their humanitarian work as well. Over 20 years ago, all of the members of the band mana founded what is known as, Selva Negra. Selva Negra is a non-profit civil association that focuses on the preservation and protection of endangered animals. One of the reasons why this is important is because tens of thousands of sea turtles are killed each year because of over harvesting and illegal trade. Take this a step further and understand that seven of the world’s eight species of sea turtles nest on the beaches of Mexico.

The band mana is not only known for making incredibly enjoyable and successful music but also for socially conscious and doing the right thing with the power and money that they posses. There are people who truly appreciate this type of work and love the fact that a band they listen to do these types of things. The actions of the band mana outside of the realm of just music allows them to have a presence that is more than solely the music that they create. This will allow more fans than usual to follow this band as more and more people are becoming not only aware of social movements and issues but are also getting more involved. These people will feel pulled towards a band like mana, that donates their time, money, and efforts to such an important cause. Read this website for more information. Read more about this topic at this link.

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