Enhance Your Letter Writing Practice with Vintage Writing Accessories

When was the last time you sent or received a handwritten note or letter? An annual U.S. Postal Service survey indicated that in 1987, the average home received a personal letter once every two weeks. In 2010, however, the average home received one every seven weeks. If you would like to begin, or renew, the […]

Does Your Poorly Fitting T-Shirt Make You Seem Untrustworthy?

Did you know that other people determine your trustworthiness within a tenth of a second of meeting you? Two Princeton psychologists, Dr.’s Willis and Todorev, found in their studies that amount of time is all you get. It comes down to non-verbal cues. They make four times the impact of your words. These non-verbal cues […]

Throwing A Party But Want To Save Money? Rent Your Linens And Furniture Instead

Are you throwing a wedding, birthday party or baby shower soon? You’re probably wondering how you can save money with so many things demanding a slice of your budget. With food spreads to set and invitations to send out, every little bit goes a long way in keeping your wallet happy. Knowing where to rent […]