Party Linen Rentals Can Save You Money and Peace of Mind

When planning a wedding, you just want everything to turn out perfect. From the flower arrangements to the tablecloth and chair cover. Weddings are expensive enough and thankfully there’s an option for tablecloth rentals. You won’t have to worry about going out to the store to purchase a bunch of tablecloths you’re never going to […]

Throwing A Party But Want To Save Money? Rent Your Linens And Furniture Instead

Are you throwing a wedding, birthday party or baby shower soon? You’re probably wondering how you can save money with so many things demanding a slice of your budget. With food spreads to set and invitations to send out, every little bit goes a long way in keeping your wallet happy. Knowing where to rent […]

Are You Planning a Spring Graduation or a Summer Wedding?

The mom indicated that the weekends were getting pretty crazy. As her daughter approaches the last three weeks of her senior year in high school, the mom confessed that her home was nearly taken over by preparations for the upcoming graduation party. In fact, her husband was glad that the family had company for the […]