Renting specialty linen

Are you throwing a wedding, birthday party or baby shower soon? You’re probably wondering how you can save money with so many things demanding a slice of your budget. With food spreads to set and invitations to send out, every little bit goes a long way in keeping your wallet happy. Knowing where to rent table linens and additional party accessories is a smart decision more and more Americans are starting to make, giving them enough variety to craft an event to remember without causing a proverbial financial hangover. Not quite sure where to get started with renting linens for a wedding reception? You’re in good hands.

What Are Common Events?

No matter the event you’re throwing, knowing where to rent table linens or a chair cover rental will go a long way in keeping you stress-free. Each weekend an average of 44,000 weddings will take place in the United States, with over 40% officiated by either a friend or a family member in lieu of a professional. Weddings represent a $50 billion industry and the number of after wedding parties has increased over 12% in just the past year. Additional events include bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, sweet sixteens and baby showers.

What Are Common Necessities?

Fabric rentals for weddings are highly useful for their flexibility and affordability. However, knowing where to rent table linens won’t be the only thing on your to-do list. Simple furniture, such as tables and chairs, are an absolute must if there will be a lot of standing or dancing at your event. Additional accessories such as plates, cups, silverware, lights, decorations or sparklers should be carefully planned so you’re not missing anything by the time the special day rolls around.

What Are Frequent Mistakes People Make?

Did you know the average number of wedding guests is around 165? Keep a close eye on the people attending your function or event, as even a minor lapse in detail can spell disaster for everyone involved. If you have sparklers make sure very young children don’t get their hands on anything that could burn them. Got alcohol? Make sure there are designated drivers or easy access to taxi services so everyone gets home safely at the end of the night. Last, but not least, double-check your spreads for any potential allergens so someone doesn’t get a reaction while having a good time.

What Should I Rent?

Wanting to know where to get tablecloth rentals is the first step toward saving your money without sacrificing quality. Linen is easily the strongest of the vegetable fibers and has anywhere from two to three times the strength of cotton — it can also absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry to the touch. Linens come in a variety of sizes, too! The majority of linens come in 134″ rounds and eight foot drapes for all your standard sized tables, but there are plenty of options for those looking for cocktail or smaller sized tables. When 50% of all couples spend more on their celebration than they meant to, heading to the rental store instead of buying will leave everyone happier in the long run.

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