A single antique holds decades — perhaps centuries’ — worth of history.

As such, it’s hard to part with one without being properly compensated. The antique you’re holding could be a holdover from your family that you can no longer keep in a cluttered house. It might just be something you found in your attic while doing some spring cleaning. No matter where you and your antique come from, antique silver buyers will make sure this heritage is honored. They will offer not just the best prices, but a keen eye to help you learn more about where such a beautiful creation came from.

Knowledge is power. From silver to gold, your antique silver buyers will trace a new path from the depths of your attic to the glass shelf.

Precious metals hold prominence in nearly every culture in human history. Their brilliant colors combined with their durability make them a keen investment for many. The most precious metals used in jewelry, even today, are silver and gold alloys. It wouldn’t be until the 19th and 20th century that sterling silver items would be labeled as such (and sometimes under the number ‘925’). Not just content to grace jewelry, silver also makes a highly useful material for many day-to-day tools and appliances.

Interestingly enough, pure silver is actually too soft for jewelry and tableware. These items are instead mixed with a little bit of copper (and occasionally other metals) to create a tougher result. Silver and gold will form in star explosions called ‘supernovae’, which hearkens to how supernova will explode at the end of their lifespan. Silver is valued highly for its shimmery luster, able to reflect up to 95% of the visible light spectrum. Gold, in many cultures, is immediately associated with wealth and prestige.

Your pure silver tea set could fetch an impressive price with the right antique silver buyers. Your antique Tiffany silver spoon set could be worth even more than you thought. When you sell your antiques you offer several people the opportunity to learn more about the world around them. The very first evidence of silver mining dates all the way back to 3,000 B.C., ranging from Turkey To Greece. The Royal Society Of Chemistry is still learning new things about the world with each new antique brought to their doorstep.

It doesn’t have to end there, either. Even as you sell your silver holloware to antique silver buyers, you can also purchase a gift for a friend. Some of the most beloved 16th wedding anniversary symbol come from the tables of silver dealers. Precious metals that last for centuries are a wonderfully symbolic way to show your hopes for the future. Recent research estimates have found the American resale industry brings in $17 billion every year.

Antique jewelry hold a special place in our hearts. Should you come across valuables in your life you don’t know if you should part with, visit your local antique silver dealers. Their years of experience will give you a better overview of your silver overlay patterns, type, origin, style, and worth. With these tools you can figure out whether or not you want to sell. Take things a step further afterwards by searching for the picture perfect anniversary gift.

History is all around us. Honor yours by taking your Chinese and Japanese silver estate jewelry to antique silver buyers.

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