Leather shoes

When you think of important men’s fashion, not everyone will consider men’s designer leather belts as one of those high fashion must have items for their wardrobe. Just think about it. Would you pay as much as $80 to $100 for a belt? Is the quality of a belt, which is meant to keep your pants from falling down to your ankles, really worth it the expenses? Some say it depends on the material used to make the belt. This is the same case for shoes, most notably alligator skin shoes, which are much more expensive than regular dress shoes.

Exotic belts
like mens designer leather belts have become the rave these days due to their high quality and luxury. But different types of leather are manufactured in a variety of ways which differentiates their quality. Let?s take a closer look at some of these mens designer leather belts in detail.

There are a number of mens designer leather belts that are made of synthetic leather or to simply put, fake leather. They are made of polymers and different fibers that emulates real leather but not completely. They may look like luxury leather belts or even feel like mens luxury leather belts, but a real leather head or someone who knows their leather brands can always tell. Synthetic leather belts do not last very long. That?s why they are much cheaper and made to poor quality. However, if you?re not one to sent too much money for a top quality wide leather belt than this particular kind might be right for you and the rest may not be worth it.

Another type of leather belt are bonded leather belts which are made of 100% real leather. The only downside is that these belts are primarily made of recycled leather which some might consider to be scraps from unwanted leathery items. The fibers from different leather materials are glued together and then covered to resemble the vary same look and feel as genuine leather. The manufactures of these leather belts save a bundle on these belts in regards to cost of production. These belts are one step closer to the genuine leather belts which cost more money to produce.

The genuine leather belts are those that are made with inferior leather and quality leather. While genuine leather belts are advertised as top quality belts, some are still made to have leftover leather from other scraps. They consist of different layers of inferior leather that are glued or sewn together to make top of the line designer leather belts. Then the top layers are are covered with a top grain leather surface or even synthetic leather is sometimes used as the top grain cover depending on the brand. The inferior and synthetic leather used reduces the cost of the to manufacture the belts thus making them much cheaper.

The last type of mens designer leather belts are called full grain leather belts and are considered the best and greatest in quality belts since they are made of natural, 100% leather layer to layer. These belts can be recognized by the blemish marks on them which comes from the animal?s skin. They are not made with leftover leather from other items and the manufacturers do not use any synthetic leather in the sewing and gluing. Full grain leather belts are very tough and are known to last a very long time compared to the others. When it comes to life cycle, toughness, durability, flexibility, there are no better belt than the full grain designer leather belts.

Similar to high end mens shoes, whether mens designer leather belts are worth it or not all depends on your personal preference as well as how much you can afford. There are clearly different options out there to choose from in regards to how much natural leather the belt has. The more leather it contains the more expensive it is. It all depends on your personal taste.

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