Mens crocodile skin shoes

No matter who you are, there are certain times when you just want to look and feel good. That urge does not manifest itself the same way for everyone. For some it might result in a new haircut, for others merely washing off the grime of the day and changing into more relaxing attire does the trick. But there is just something about the right pair of nice, new shoes that can straighten a posture and inject even the slightest strut into a person’s walk, just by walking around in them.

Sometimes the right pair of new shoes can make you feel like you are walking on clouds, other times the comfort level may not be at the highest level but boy, do they look good, instilling a contentment and confidence that is just about as good as the physical comfort that might be missing. But the perfect pair of shoes won’t cause you discomfort, they will uplift you and carry you to whatever important function you’ve got going on, whether it is an important business meeting or a meet up with close friends.

Luxury Italian shoes for the perfect occasions and impressions

Designer leather shoes have a way of making a statement. Artisan shoes such as Italian loafers and other luxury Italian shoes have a long history of being a solid go to when in need of quality footwear. Many people consider a person’s footwear choices to say a lot about the individual. There have been psychological studies that showed how first impressions are formed within the first seven to 17 seconds of an introduction. In this society preoccupied with looks, it is said that about 55% of an opinion is formed from the physical appearance.

In a more primal and less surface level, other studies have shown that visual cues can be three to five times as impactful as audio cues, meaning the look, or at least how one carries him or herself, is important. Sometimes that confidence can be obtained with the right pair of shoes. And not only are these types of shoes admired for the fashion side of things, but quality luxury Italian shoes are durable as well, withstanding tens of thousands of footfalls and flexes.

Keeping your leather shoes in great condition longer

Investing in a quality pair of shoes can pay off in the end. But if you are putting a significant amount of money into footwear, you don’t want to feel like you’re throwing that money away by having to buy another pair very soon after your first purchase. Keeping your shoes in top condition will keep you feeling like a million bucks while you’re wearing them, and keep you from feeling like you’re spending a million bucks by continuously buying new ones.

There are several things that you can do to keep your leather shoes in good shape. Keeping your shoes on shoe trees, and applying leather polish can actually end up extending the lifespan of your kicks by up to 10 times. Rotating your shoes can also do wonders. By rotating your shoes at least once every other day, you allow time for the materials that have been compressed from your walking to spring back to their original shape. This helps to avoid the rapid loss of padding, support, and structure of your shoes.

Get into the right kicks and feel how dressing up your feet can impact so many other areas of your life, if you let it!

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