The jewelry business is quite lucrative. Selling stackable bangles, small sterling silver hoop earrings, diamond and gemstone necklaces, and diamond tennis bracelets can earn you that additional income you need. But before you get into the business of selling jewelry, you need to understand if you will be buying and selling or simply manufacturing then selling them to your potential clients. The process of making sterling silver hoop earrings is not that complicated. However, the first thing you need is to ensure you have the needed tools and materials. You will need to have 16 gauge fine silver wire, tweezers, sodium bisulfate, soldering block, torch, file, scissors, flat nose pliers, and steel mandrels. These materials and tools will play a crucial role in ensuring that making your sterling silver hoop earrings does not become a challenge.

The next step is to follow a systematic process from start to finish that will help you create that sterling silver hoop earrings. There is a step-by-step procedure that you can learn to help you start and finalize this project. Here is a tutorial that will help you navigate the entire process without any issues. Follow it to the latter to gain the skills and knowledge that goes into making sterling silver hoop earrings, right from getting the materials to ending up with an elegant pair of earrings. Then, follow the steps to the latter.

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