In this video, you will learn how to buy face masks online. The video goes through some online reviews and how they can help you decipher where to purchase face masks online. Sometimes, online shopping can be tedious.

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First, she is looking through some articles to see face masks that she likes. She found a few she likes and she’s going to go to the website to find it on the website. She is overwhelmed with all of the facemasks. She wants to pick different types of facemasks for every brand. She is now on Shein, which is an online retailer. She’s reading the reviews and it has over 2,000 reviews. These face masks are $1 – $2. Some of the masks are random colors, so you don’t get to pick. She now found a Vera Bradley cotton face mask. That is expensive for a face mask. The link didn’t work, so she’s going to search vera Bradley’s website. We are trying to get a whole range of face masks to try out, to see which one works the best. Now, we are shown Urban Outfitters to see if there are other styles of face masks.

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