Crocodile skin shoes for men

When you love leather, chances are that you enjoy wearing designer shoes along with matching accessories. Whether it’s belts, watch straps, wallets, or satchels, you probably have several items from which to choose when it comes time to head to the office or go out on the town.

The Importance of Variety

In addition to formal lace-up shoes, such as Derbies and Oxfords, you probably have several pairs of exotic mens shoes in your closet. Since you enjoy variety, chances are that you have at least 1 pair of crocodile skin shoes, ostrich skin boots, and other luxury Italian shoes.

Luxury Designer Shoe Care

It’s also a good idea to have several pairs of quality shoes so that you can rotate them regularly. Experts recommend that this should be done at least once every other day. Since your shoes will compress when you walk in them throughout the day or evening, rotating provides them with enough time to return to normal.

Were you aware that luxury leather shoes can handle thousands of flexes? Furthermore, when you keep them well-polished and store them on shoe trees, their lifespan can be increased significantly. This also holds true for exotic mens shoes.

Shoe trees help to maintain your shoes’ health and longevity. In addition to maintaining the shoes’ shape, shoe trees also assist them with drying out more quickly. Plastic shoe trees are light-weight and can be packed for traveling. Wooden shoe trees, however, are recommended for storing your shoes at home. This is because wood absorbs both moisture and odor.

The Global Market for Men’s Luxury Items

Are you interested in the global market for men’s spending on luxury items? The Millennial age group, which amounts to about 75 million individuals, tends to purchase a substantial amount of personal accessories.

Between the years of 2009 to 2014, retail sales grew 39% for men’s designer footwear. In 2011, for example, this accounted for 40% of sales throughout the globe. It’s interesting to note that during this year, men’s spending grew nearly twice as fast as did women’s. Currently, the sale of men?s designer dress shoes accounts for 6% of the overall market share.

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