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Hollywood gossip has always been a major influence, and it is one of the items many people pay close attention to. For many African-Americans and other fans of black entertainers and rap music artists, black celebrity news has become very popular. This is influenced by everything, from Kayne West and his marriage into the Kardashian family, to hip-hop royalty like Jay-Z. Here are three reasons why popular black celebrity news is taking over headlines and making many different individuals household names within the country.

Black Entertainment Television Brings Many Celebrities Both New and Old into the Limelight

Black celeb gossip and Hollywood gossip stays alive thanks to networks like Black Entertainment Television, also known as BET. It was named as one of the main providers that influenced young black Americans, and is responsible for bringing black entertainment and culture to over 80 million households across the country. Some of the prominent individuals featured on the channel include the likes of Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, both of which have a collective net worth of 1 billion. Among the news between the couple includes their ever-expanding family, latest music, and influence at awards shows. Since there are over 40 million African Americans in the United States, it makes sense that they will have an interest in the many celebrities and other black individuals who have shaped the entertainment industry and influenced the lives of fans from all walks of life. There is no shortage of interesting entertainers who continue to inspire and motivate people, from music to TV and movies, and even hosting talk shows and other interests that are related to the entertainment industry. Celebrity gossip brings in over 3 billion per year, so it is something that not only interests others, but keeps on selling and turning a profit.

Oprah Remains One of the Most Influential Women for Females of All Races

Oprah Winfrey is a celebrated actress and talk show host, noted for her popularity among women of all ages and races, and especially among black women. Hollywood gossip enjoys covering everything about Oprah?s life, from her weight loss journey, to rumors about her love life. Her shows aired from the 1980s to 2011. At the end of the first year, Oprah received over $25 million for her work on the show. Obviously her wealth grew considerably, and Winfrey has been known for her generosity, including opening up a girl?s school in Africa, and giving away cars to viewers on her show.

Tyra Banks Has Broken Barriers As an African American Female Model

Tyra Banks has broken many barriers for African American women in her work as a model. She was the first black women to grace the cover of Victoria?s Secret on their catalog, and she was the first black Sports Illustrated model. With some of these events happening around 1996, it is interesting to note how recently barriers have been broken, and how inspiring this is for young women everywhere, making them aware of society?s changing views on beauty. Banks has been involved in everything from talk shows to her own beauty line, and many young women continue to listen to what she has to say, not only as a model, but as an inspiration to the black community.

Through BET, and many other outlets, many African Americans are able to enjoy black celebrity news, thanks to channels that focus on the positive contributions that black entertainers have made to various media outlets. From the music of Jay-Z to Oprah?s positive messages that are embraced by women everywhere, it many people of all races enjoy following the latest entertainment and current celebrity news. Many individuals find it inspiring, when people such as Tyra Banks break down racial and social barriers, and offer opportunities and other forms of growth for young people within the black community. Hollywood gossip offers a chance for people to glimpse into the lives of these individuals and witness how they have grown, and in what ways they have remained close to their roots. In the end, it remains a popular source of interest for many people.

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