Used bikes boston

Learning how to ride a bike is a childhood rite of passage. Many individuals love riding their bikes so much that they continue to do so through their teens and adult years. In addition to experiencing the freedom of movement, bike riding is a fun and convenient way to travel and a great form of exercise.

In the United States, Americans take 9 million cycling trips every day. In the spring of 2014 alone, 67.3 million people had ridden their bikes within the past year. A national survey showed that Americans go cycling for recreation as well as to exercise and maintain their health.

Cycling rather than driving also contributes to the environment by reducing gas consumption. It’s been estimated that almost 2 billion fewer gallons of gas would be used every year if Americans would take just a single, weekly 4-mile roundtrip on their bike.

It’s important to keep bikes well-maintained so they’re in good shape when it’s time to go cycling. Experts recommend that cleaning off a bike when it becomes dirty can prevent the need for major repairs. Even when they don’t appear dirty, bikes should be cleaned every 20 to 25 rides.

A recent survey showed that men tend to visit bike shops more often than women, particularly when they are already bike owners. The survey showed that 62% of women didn’t make a single bike shop visit last year, while 56% of men did so. In addition to selling new and used bikes, a bike equipment store will have repair parts, cycling accessories, and other recreational accoutrement. Bike shops are also a great place to learn more about the sport as well as connect with other cyclists.

If you no longer have a bike, or your bike is in storage, you can rent a bike. You may also be interested in purchasing a few used bikes so you have an extra for a cycling friend or family member. Once you go cycling more often, you might want to try out a hybrid bike. These bikes are designed for both mountain and road riding, so are great for commuting to work and enjoying a weekend outdoors.

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