Where can i donate clothes

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Like so many of the sayings we encounter in childhood, we learn the truth of these words as we go through life. It’s especially true of clothes and household goods that you might have grown tired of, but that still have a lot of wear left in them. When you donate used clothing to a charity, you’re achieving several good things at the same time – you’re giving yourself more space at home, you’re helping someone find clothes that they will use, and you’re supporting a worthwhile cause. To make things easier for you, many charities will be happy to schedule a used clothing pick up.

A new use for your old clothes
Who wants your old clothes? People who shop in thrift stores, for one. There’s a reason why thrift stores and flea markets are so popular. You may be tired of your old clothes, but there’s a lot of wear left in them. You may also be tired of the design and styling, but the classic lines and quality materials may appeal to someone else.
Thrift stores are a chance to find good clothes and brands at very low prices. People who couldn’t afford to pay the original prices can pay just a few dollars for clothes that are still in very good condition.
So when you’re finally ready to tackle your overflowing closets, don’t just throw out your clothes. On average, American put 82 pounds of textiles each in the landfills every year. It’s much better to donate your used clothing to charities that will put them to good use. With many charities offering used clothing pick up, it’s easy to do.

De-clutter and donate
If you’re like most Americans, you have too many clothes. They’re taking over space in your closets, attics and basement, and you don’t know how to deal with them. Donating your used clothing and household goods to environmental and military charities is a great two-fer: you get to clear out your closets and help a worthwhile cause, all at the same time.
You get to clear out the clutter in your home, getting rid of items that you no longer have use for but don’t want to throw away. If you’re short of time, or if you have a lot of clothes and other items, you can even schedule a used clothing pick up.

Helping a worthwhile cause
When you have a thrift store that donates all proceeds to charitable organizations that help military families and the environment, that’s even better. Your clothing donations enable them to raise funds for their programs, which include education, job training and family support.
By 2007, around $5.8 billion worth of clothing was being donated to charities across the country. That can fund a lot of programs that will help people get on their feet and put their lives together.

If you have a really large consignment, or heavy items like furniture, you may be able to schedule a used clothing pick up. Many charities will send out a truck to pick up clothing donations, saving you the time and trouble of lugging bags and bags of clothes to the drop off. Volunteering and charitable donations are part of the American way of life, and used clothing donations are a creative way to participate in these.

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