36 inch sparklers

Most people love fireworks. Sparklers are fun for the Fourth of July. Couples all over the world use wedding sparklers to add fun and whimsy to their wedding receptions. They are fun and festive for just about any occasion.

What are sparklers?

All sparklers, from wedding sparklers to the ones used on the Fourth of July, are pretty much the same. A thin metal wire is coated with various substances and materials so that a person can light but still hold onto the rod. The combustable materials do not extend down the entire length of the wire. They come in a few different sizes ranging from eight to ten inches for gatherings to larger ones from 20 to 36 inches. Most wedding sparklers are the longer kind because they need to last longer. The 36 inch sparklers are very popular sparklers for a wedding.

When the coating on the sparklers is ignited, it sparks and the metallic sparks are what make the light. As the flame works its way down the wire, the burned material remains hot. As safe as wedding sparklers are, they burn very, very hot. The temperature of the burning sparkler can reach 3,000 Fahrenheit. Because of this fact, the number one cause of firework related injuries in the United States is the misuse of sparklers. It is very important that people who have children carefully supervise them if they handle lit sparklers and that the parents understand how dangerous they can be.

What are sparklers made of?

Wire sparklers ha a coating that consists of iron filings, aluminum, boric acid and dextrin. To keep the iron from rusting, companies that make sparklers add in linseed oil to prevent that from happening. There are some kinds of sparklers that can be made at home that use other materials and methods. In recent years, a new kind of sparkler has appeared. This is made from a long, narrow paper tube. It is filled with chemicals and then affixed to a wooden rod with tissue paper and ribbon that has been colored with vibrant colors. Because there can be a few mixtures of different chemicals in the tube, these “Morning Glory” sparklers can be made to change color.

Where did sparklers come from?

It has been found that the first sparkler was invented in 670 AD in Greece. It was called a Cherosiphon or “Greek fire.” The inventor, Callinicos, was trying to create a weapon. Originally it was used on enemy ships and it was only later that it was used for celebrations.

The original sparklers were made from a compound containing aluminum, zinc, magnesium dust, steel, iron and an oxidizer. This would be mixed with water to create a paste. A rod was coated with the paste and then when it dried, it could be lit and a sparkler was born.

What is the deal with wedding sparklers?

The traditional wedding send off has consisted of the guests tossing rice over the heads of the couple as the head off to start their life together. The rice was used as a symbol for rain, which was a symbol for good fortune, fertility and prosperity. For a while, that fell out of favor because there were rumors that it was bad for birds who ate the rice after the wedding reception was over and the people were gone. This rumor was proved to be false so if you want to go with this, no birds will suffer for it.

In recent decades, couples have looked for more fun and exciting ways to end their wedding reception. Bubbles have been used. Flowers have been tossed and now, sparklers are lit to add fun, whimsy and some excitement to the end of the reception. The photos and video that are created when sparklers are used at a evening wedding can be breathtaking.

There is some planning that needs to go into the use of wedding sparklers so if you are thinking about adding this to your wedding, you need to make sure your wedding reception venue allows it. You will also need to buy enough for everyone, get a decent quality sparkler and then on the night of your wedding, have some coordinate their lighting with the photographer and videographer.


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