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Are you tired of the same, generic looking furniture pieces and home decor? Have you visited numerous furniture stores, only to find that everything looks the same? If you are looking for a home design that is personalized and custom to your likes, you might find furniture and home accessory shopping more difficult. Fortunately, with these home decorating tips, you will have the room of your dreams in no time.

Shop at specialty furniture stores
The problem with shopping at large retailers is that all of their furniture and home accessory products come from the same designer. All of the items look the same because they pretty much are the same. Shopping at home specialty stores gives you a greater variety of items to choose from. Here, you are likely to find custom furniture and high street fashion brands. These high street fashion brands are likely from smaller designers, but they are sure to be entirely unique. Additionally, when you shop small, you are much more likely to purchase a piece of furniture that was designed by the actual designer. At least 75 pieces of work (including non clothing items) have to be designed by the chief designer.

Visit resellers and second hand shops
Resellers and second hand shops are a great place to find unique furnishings. Because high street fashion brands are so personal and unique, it is often more difficult to resell them. When a person purchases new furniture, they end up selling to a reseller or second hand shop. The reseller then looks for the perfect buyer, which might be you. Visiting reseller shops can give you a wide selection of luxury home brands and unusual home accessories. Approximately 66% of consumers cite features, design, and quality of product or service as the leading factor that determined brand loyalty. Many consumers notice the high quality and style of high street fashion brands and continue to shop the lines.

Accessories can make or break a room
Spend a little extra time choosing the best room accessories. You can really brighten up a room with some vibrant wall art. You can also personal furniture with some unique throw pillows or throw blankets. A throw rug can also tie an entire room together. There are unique accessories that you can purchase in any room that you are remodeling. If you are in the dining room, consider decorative wine glasses or wine related artwork. Also, choose custom glassware which will further improve the overall look of the room. Your bedroom accessories, however, should be both unique and comfortable. The best way to promote a good night of sleep in the bedroom is to encourage comfort and relaxation.

The future of furniture shopping
Consumers are currently trending toward more modern typed furniture and home accessories. You are likely to see an increase in specialty furniture stores that are not a large chain. Millennials? share of all buyers in 2012 was a mere 14%, but in 2014, Millennials? comprised 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding, making them the largest buying generation. Millennials are changing the home decorating market and as they continue to take over the home design market, the number of specialty furniture shops is likely to increase even more.

Many furniture buyers today are straying away from the box chain furniture stores. These stores do not rotate their inventory often and you are limited on design choices. For now, you can shop at specialty furniture stores, try secondhand resellers, and focus on home design accessories. As the Millennial generation slowly takes over the furniture buying market, the market will be catered for more personalized and unique furniture choices.

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