It feels wonderful to receive flowers on special occasions, but it can feel even better to get a bouquet for no reason at all. The grocery store is the perfect place to find flowers for just because. This video by Theodore Leaf will show you how to create a beautiful flower arrangement.

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When you’re putting together a flower arrangement, it’s best to trim the stems at an angle. This cut allows the flowers to absorb more moisture, keeping them fresh for longer. When you use an angled cut, your flower arrangement will also sit perfectly in a vase.

You’ll also want to make sure you pick the right flowers for your bouquet. Carnations and chrysanthemums are some of the longest-lasting flowers you can find at the grocery store. Cut lilies can also last for a long time. Small, delicate flowers, like baby’s breath, can be a wonderful way to finish an arrangement.

Even if you’re not an experienced florist, you can learn to create stunning floral arrangements for centerpieces or gift bouquets. Soon, you’ll find yourself picking up fresh flowers every time you go grocery shopping. With the right skills and a little practice, you can turn a handful of flowers into a breathtaking bouquet.


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