Charitable donation

Any well-meaning American has thrown out old clothes at one point, maybe you bagged them up intending to donate them but never got around to it so they end up in the trash. This is a very common occurrence and you may think that one bag wouldn’t make a difference anyway but you would be surprised. According to research about 12 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown away each year in the U.S.

Who and How it helps!

So not only does it make an impact environmentally but economically by helping families in need and also providing you with a nice tax write off. There are charities that will pick up donations, making it easier for you to clean out your closet and get that good deed accomplished. All you have to do is call one of these organizations that pick up donations and schedule a used clothing pick up or find the nearest drop box.

One place you may want to consider making charitable donations to are organizations that help military families. A veteran receiving clothing donations could really make a difference in employment prospects. At 2% above the national average, unemployment for veterans is higher than that for regular citizens. These donations could aid in their ability to present themselves adequately for interviews, thereby increasing the chances of employment.

These donations also make a considerable impact on the blind community because some people who have impaired vision rely on these organizations for items such as clothing and even financial assistance. Just because you are only donating articles of clothing doesn’t mean it doesn’t help monetarily also. Generally, some items are sold in charity shops at very low prices to provide funding for their charitable activities.

Around 80% of clothing donations in the U.S. are used by charities to help the needy or provide funding. This means your donation not only helps provide clothing but funding for these organizations to keep running and helping those in need. So if you still have that bag of clothes sitting in the bottom of the closet, why not look up one of those organizations that pick up donations in your area today?

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