The path to beauty isn’t always a pleasant one. Whether people are looking to appear younger or simply more attractive by their own standards, many find themselves undergoing invasive surgeries to get the appearance that they want. In fact, while plastic surgery is an option for some, not all cosmetic procedures have to be hugely invasive. Many of the most effective procedures are not invasive at all, instead doing the trick without long-term side effects or negative consequences. You don’t have to take big risks and really go under the knife for great results. Some simple treatments can have you looking and feeling a lot better. Yet many people don’t even know that such treatments are options for them. They think that to have dramatic results, they have to undergo dramatic procedures. Much of the key to a good cosmetic procedure lies not in the complicated nature of the treatment, but in the professional administering it. With a skilled professional at hand, you would be amazed by what chemical peels — a seemingly simple, non-invasive procedure — or microdermabrasion sessions can do. With that being said, let’s look into some of the cosmetic procedures that can have great results for your mental and physical health.

1. Mole Removals

Mole removals are done not only for your appearance, but for your overall health. Many people have moles for years that they don’t take much notice of. Often, moles don’t have any negative consequences for your health at all — they’re just moles. Other times, however, abnormal moles can be symptoms of skin cancer. Certainly, even if a mole doesn’t look particularly suspect, you should have it looked at if you have a family history of melanoma — as about 10% of patients diagnosed with melanoma do have a family history of the disease. Sometimes, an atypical mole can just be an atypical mole. An estimated five out of 10 people have atypical moles, with a high number of people suffering from such issues having immunosuppression-related diseases. Even when they don’t threaten your health, these moles can be a little out of control. Luckily, they can be removed with little discomfort. The procedure is not complicated, and if you feel insecure about your moles, you may want to talk to your doctor about it. A mole removal is not for everyone. But at the same time, it should be understood that a mole removal procedure is not always just about cosmetics.

2. Botox

Although Botox is still somewhat controversial, the procedure has gained rapid popularity and is quickly being recognized a simple, non-invasive procedure. One of the reasons why Botox is so popularity is that it works. An estimated 82% of patients see improvement within a week of Botox treatments. Essentially, Botox immobilizes the muscles in the area of injection. While this may sound intimidating at first, what it does is very simple. While your face still moves, the affected area does not move to make wrinkles. This can lessen the appearance of those who have wrinkles and prevent younger people from getting them. Some choose Botox for more than just cosmetic reasons, as it’s been known to help people with migraines. The average length of time a treatment lasts is for months, while the procedure itself will just take, typically, around 30 minutes. At the same time, it should be noted that Botox is not the only wrinkle-fighting procedure, so if it’s not right for you, ask your clinician.

3. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is still fairly new to the cosmetics scene, but is extremely popular for a reason. By using laser technology, hair can be permanently removed, meaning that you potentially never have to worry about it again. After just three to eight sessions, the average patient has permanent hair removal, with most surgeons recommending follow-up sessions for about four to eight weeks following removal. This procedure can be done to multiple parts of the body, and is great for those who just don’t want to worry about body hair anymore.

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