Bridal hair

Throwing together a wedding or a birthday party? It can be a real doozy organizing catering, decorating and directions in time for your big event. It’s another doozy entirely putting together an outfit that fits the occasion! Hair styling for events is just one of many skills salons offer for their customers, offering a wide variety of styles for affordable prices that can turn any outfit from acceptable to outstanding. From bridal hair to a quick dye job to a keratin treatment, you won’t have to look far to find the ideal final touch for your birthday bash or baby shower. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends in hair styling for events and which options might be right for you!

Hair Colors

Let’s start off with hair highlights and color washes. Did you know that dark brown is the most popular color at 56%? Studies have shown this hue to be a staple for its rich depth and everyday appeal. It’s common for customers, particularly women, to experiment with at least three different hair colors over the years — one in four women will change their shade a whopping five times! Common reasons for seeking out reinvention include a boost in confidence or marking a life milestone, such as becoming a year older or giving birth. This can also translate into hair styles, in which your local salon will give you more than you can shake a stick at!

Hair Styles

Next up: hair styles! From the classy 60’s to the wild 80’s, hair styling patterns go through major changes every decade. Hair styling for events takes modern trends into account, so rest assured you won’t look like you came out of the wrong era (unless that’s what you’re going for!). It’s very common for customers to ask their stylist for tips on looking good no matter the day of the week — studies have shown three-quarters of women regretting at least one, if not several, of their past hairstyles. Highlighting remains one of the quickest and most popular option at nearly 46%, compared to full hair coloring at 35%. Although straight hair hasn’t gone out of fashion, curly hair remains an incredibly popular option for both men and women.

Hair Health

Getting your hair styled, dyed or cut won’t mean much if it’s not kept healthy in the long run. Hair care is an important facet of looking good and there are little things you can do in the day-to-day to keep it looking shiny, bouncy and stylish. Keratin treatments and hot oil treatments are a popular option for people looking to give their hair that luminescent glow — they can be done in a short amount of time and have results that last for weeks. If you’re looking to keep your hair looking good from the inside out, drinking plenty of water and protective styling your hair before bed will prevent split ends and keep your hair lush. If you dye your locks, avoid chlorine-filled pools and only use specialty shampoo and conditioners!

Choosing A Style

Did you know nearly 40% of women will invite a hairstylist to the party or event they’re hosting? Hair care is no joke! Ongoing surveys continually show the boosts in self-esteem that a good salon trip can give a person, with a single visit going a long way for events, work life and even dating. If you’re going to a wedding or a baby shower, many salons offer bridal styles that are both functional and fancy. For more casual events, try getting some highlights or trying a new dye job — you’ll be the life of the party! Picking out an outfit can be involving and organizing interior decorating can be time consuming, but a good hair style will breathe extra life into any ensemble. Hair styling for events is an option that should be high on your priority list if you want your wedding or party to be a success for everyone involved!

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