20 inch sparklers

Weddings are meant to be memorable occasions which remain close to the heart for years and are dearly cherished by all in attendance. A wedding is also the occasion that needs to be meticulously planned down to the last detail. This is essential for the occasion to be a success, as a poorly planned wedding rarely remains remembered for all the right reasons. If you are planning a wedding and want everything to go perfectly, every little detail like the decor, food, transportation and venue have to be on point.

There are, however, little additional things that can take even extremely well planned weddings and turn them into spectacles. One of the most important points of time in a wedding is when the bride and groom leave the venue and receive their final send-off. This is one of the most memorable points in a wedding, and the best way to spice it up and make it more memorable is through the use of wedding sparklers.

Classic high quality wedding sparklers are usually built with sophistication, using a long metal wire as central support. This wire is usually dipped in a slow-burn combination of materials that create pyrotechnic sparkles when ignited, and then dried and packaged. The trick is to light the business end with a match or candle, and the sparkle slowly burns through, producing a sparkling flame that is a joy to watch. During a wedding send-off, handing all the guests their own sparklers and signalling them to ignite these wedding sparklers all at once can give the bride and groom a glorious, fun-filled and memorable send-off.

If you are thinking of using sparklers for a wedding, there are certain things that you need to know. For example, although traditional sparklers burn out in 45 seconds or so, for the right wedding send-off you need sparklers designed specifically for longer burn times. The 10 and 20 inch sparklers usually have a burn time of two and a half minutes, while 36 inch ones can remain burning for four minutes. Apart from choosing the right size and brand when you buy sparklers, there are also certain common mistakes that you need to avoid at all times. Here are the five most common wedding sparkler mistakes that you should avoid for a hassle-free, grand send-off –

  • Not Okaying With The Venue First – Although wedding sparklers might come across as harmless, which are they are when used with proper caution and care, they still involve the use of fire. These are suited to large outdoor venues with a lot of open space at your disposal. Before planning a wedding sparkler send-off, always check with your venue if they allow the use of sparklers on the premises.
  • Not Buying Enough – For that perfect send-off, you would not want any of your guests to be without a sparkler. Ensure that you have a complete head count and get a few extra ones just to cover any unforeseen situations.
  • Not Letting People Know – To have maximum impact, the sparkler send-off needs to be timed perfectly. All the guests should light theirs up in unison, and to let them know when the time is right, you always need to make a prior announcement. Even having a sign up with the time of the send-off is a good idea.
  • Not Buying The Right Kind – For a wedding send-off, you need long lasting sparklers which burn through in at least a minute or two. Getting the wrong kind of wedding sparklers might bring your send-off to a premature and unglamorous end.
  • Not Having A Place To Put Them Out – Whenever there is fire involved, there needs to be a place where it can be put out if needed. A metal bin with a little sand inside can do the trick, and the spent sparklers can cool down these before being disposed.

Avoid these mistakes, and your guests will be able to take part in one of the grandest and most stunning ways of achieving that perfect wedding send-off.

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