Pink onesie pajamas

In a survey, 61% of respondents said that they don’t have many nightwear options to choose from. Taken to mean that they don’t have many pairs of pajamas, it seems clear that what many adults really need is one pair of perfect pajamas. That might seem like a grand statement to make, but the truth is that the perfect PJs already exist and are waiting for you. They are the adult onesies pajama.

They’re Warm
The fleece out of which footed adult pajamas are crafted are easily the most comfy and toasty material you’ll ever have wrapped around your body. You’ll never want to take them off, but more on that later… The thickness of the fleece varies from 100, 200 and 300, with 300 being the thickest and least flexible. So, you can find a pair that exactly fits the ticket for you.

They’re Easy
There is truly nothing easier than pulling on a pair of womens footed pajamas or mens footed pajamas for a night (or a few days) worth of cuddles and comfort. There is nothing to worry about when you don this perfect garment. Four in 10 Americans get less than the average amount of sleep they should be — shave off some time making pajama decisions by relying on old faithful; onesies pajama, your sleep savior.

They Have Multiple Uses
You may have been led to believe that your onesie pajamas are good only for sleeping in. You are very mistaken — they can double as the base for creative costumes on Halloween or at parties, or used as additional layering under you coat on the coldest of winter’s days. Not to mention, they are great for lounging around the house all Sunday long.

The new fad for adult onesies is a fad for a reason — people love the quirky comfort and leisure that it provides. At South By Southwest in 2012, the biggest adult sleepover party was held, with 309 adults all dressed in footed pajamas attending.

You may not break any world records, but you will certainly break your own personal records of comfort and happiness when you get your first onesies pajama.

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