All throughout the United States in its entirety, hair loss is by and large hugely commonplace. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up. This data shows that up to 35 million men alone are losing their hair, at least to some extent. And to compound this, more than 20 million women throughout the country are also exhibiting signs and symptoms of hair loss. For far too many people, hair loss has become a very real reality.

And it’s something that can happen earlier on in life than many people actually realize. As a matter of fact, more than half of all men (around two thirds of the male population, to be just a bit more specific) will already be losing their hair by the time that they reach the still young age of 35. And by the time they reach the age of 50, more than 80% of all men will be in some stage of hair loss. By this point, many are actually likely to be quite completely bald.

And the toll that is taken by this hair loss can most certainly be an immense one. As a matter of fact, more than half of all people who have some, if not all, of their hair have stated that they would willingly trade in their important relationships to have a full head of hair again. On top of this already quite jarring bit of information, it’s important to see that very nearly half of all people who are currently dealing with hair loss would also readily give up their whole life savings just in order to have a full head of hair again. Ultimately, this just goes to show how devastating hair loss can really and truly be.

Hair loss can, after all, impact the way in which you view yourself. This holds particularly true for many of the women who are experiencing hair loss, as up to 80% of those in some stage of hair loss have noted that it does, in fact, impact how they view themselves and feel about themselves on the whole. After all, a typical women will have more than 100 hairstyles over the course of her life, sometimes even as many as 150 different hairstyles or more. For many women, overall physical appearance is directly tied to hair and without hair, or with diminishing hair, holding onto a positive outlook on physical appearance can most definitely prove difficult. With up to 68% of women currently feeling unhappy in some way, shape, or form about their hair, it is not hard to believe that some of this unhappiness comes directly from feeling insecure in the aftermath of balding, or throughout the process of it.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that balding and hair loss in general can be concealed quite well. For instance, wefted extensions have become quite popular indeed. These wefted extensions can be found in many places all throughout the country, and wefted extensions, while a little pricey, are overwhelmingly quite affordable indeed. And, of course, wefted extensions are certainly not the only type of hair extensions out there, not by a long shot.

In addition to wefted extensions, Russian hair extensions have also become possible, a type of Slavic hair extensions seen in use not just in Russian and the United States, but all throughout the world as a whole as well. And even tape extensions are popular, though such extensions are likely to only be ideal for short term usage. If you’re looking to have your hair extensions in for a longer period of time, it will likely be a good idea to invest in the wefted extensions or hand tied extensions, which have a good deal more longevity.

At the end of the day, sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the hair loss. After all, it is something that is far more commonplace and far more diverse and universal than many people realize. Hair loss can happen to just about anyone and everyone, and therefore there are many different ways that we can cope with various severities of hair loss on a regular basis.

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