Custom company polo shirts

What’s the most beloved part of your closet? Is it that jacket you just can’t bear to let go despite the holes starting to build up beneath the sleeves? Maybe it’s a dress you recently found on sale and can’t wait to wear to every social outing ever. You ask any American what part of their wardrobe always brings back fond memories and the answer you’ll get will likely have something to do with t shirts. These simple, flexible and comfortable tops have been popular for a long time in everyday life, advertising and school-related events. This has lead to many custom apparel providing services such as school spirit wear shirts and fundraising clothing.

Why do t shirts maintain such an incredible draw? You’ll become one with the art of the shirt after reading the list of fun facts below!

They’re Just Too Darn Cozy

Before you think about the best school spirit wear shirts, you need to figure out why t shirts have had such an impressive draw for so long. Could it be because they’re comfortable and easy-to-wear? For those still struggling with doubt, let statistics paint a better picture. It’s estimated there are over two billion t shirts sold worldwide every single year. Around 60% of Americans, to boot, claim to have more than ten t shirts in their wardrobe. That’s over a billion shirts just in the United States!

A Shirt Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you want to advertise a fundraising event that really needs some donations or your school spirit could use a boost in morale, a shirt is the best idea this side of a billboard. In fact, it may even be better! Shirts are a form of advertisement that see some incredible results because of the simple fact they’re worn on a frequent basis, even long after the event has wrapped up. Nearly 20% of crowdfunding donations are made on mobile devices these days. Think about what glancing at a t shirt could do for your establishment!

You Can Put Anything On A Shirt

What kind of custom high school apparel do you want to make? Let your imagination guide you! Modern technology has made printing t shirt designs a very accessible and mundane process. You can slap on a mascot, print some colorful letters or even commission an artist to create a one-of-a-kind work of art that people can boast on their chests for years. Fundraising companies were found to have donated over $4 million worth of goods to charity just last year. Another study saw over $1 billion worth of field trips, playground equipment and services provided through fundraising programs.

Everyone’s Going To Feel Better With A Quality Shirt

How so? Let’s take a look. Principals surveyed in a recent study overwhelmingly believe it’s important to build school spirit on a constant basis to encourage higher student achievement. As you can already imagine, school spirit wear shirts is a fantastic way to help students feel a strong pride about their school. You can also use your shirt design as a marketing material elsewhere. Over 50% of those who regularly engage with nonprofit organizations, to boot, have been inspired to take action through social media.

It’s As Easy As One, Two, Three

There’s no need to get overwhelmed with the facts. A t shirt, at its very best, is a comfortable and familiar form of advertisement that benefits everybody in the long run. Your charity organization or school fundraiser event has a higher chance of success when you create fundraising t shirts, while your benefactors have another beloved article of clothing they can tuck away in their closet. Studies have shown nearly 65% of Millennials much prefer to raise awareness through walking and cycling events, while online giving has grown by 14% over the past few years.

Keep up with the times with a method as old as time. Create snappy school spirit wear shirts and get the word out there!

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