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School spirit. It’s impossible to define — and from the perspective of some, impossible to foster in students. This isn’t the case. But for many schools, school spirit can seem elusive. At first glance, school spirit may seem to be something that isn’t all that important. It’s just a feeling, and while everyone wants students to have school spirit, whether or not they have it is not all that important. But in fact, school spirit is very important. The more people have school spirit, the more likely they will be to attend sporting events and more. Sporting events are important means through which schools make the money that they need to fund athletics and extracurricular activities. At the same time, they also make students more likely to take part in actual “run of the mill” fundraisers. Finally, it’s just a good thing in general that students have school spirit — for their owns sakes. School spirit equals a sense of unity, and unity is vital for the average student’s psyche. Many students feel left out or alienated simply because it’s a feeling that often comes with their age. This can lead to a drop in grades or even depression. If school spirit can prevent that from happening, then it should be fostered. Below, we’ll look into school spirit tshirts and how they can make a difference not only in raising school spirit, but raising funds for a school in general.

Why Choose School Spirit Tshirts?

So, why choose school spirit tshirts over other types of branded items? While it’s easy to pass out things like branded water bottles, school spirit tshirts and other types of custom spirit wear present a different feeling to wearers. For one thing, custom school apparel is practical in a way that other types of branded items are not. People always need something to wear. Even if you don’t think that you’ll wear school spirit tshirts on a regular basis, you can still use them every now and then. Many use such shirts as nightwear. At the same time, many feel proud to wear custom school shirts. High school t shirts make people feel as if they’re part of something, supporters of their team and their school. It’s no wonder that 89% of principals feel that they need to boost school spirit — and that higher levels of school spirit are tied to higher achievement levels. Of course, shirts like these can also play a role in the success of fundraisers.

How Do Tshirts Help School Fundraisers?

You may think that a tshirt is just a tshirt. But tshirts can play a big role in school fundraisers. Fundraisers are extremely important to schools. While schools are allowed a certain amount of regular funding, that funding isn’t necessarily enough to allow schools to do everything they want to do. Now, how do tshirts play into this? Well, sometimes tshirts are what is sold at the fundraisers in the first place. Oftentimes, people sell such tshirts to supportive family and friends. Students don’t handle these fundraisers alone, after all. An estimated 73% of school fundraising sales are made by parents, students, and volunteers. This is in part because they have the most access too those who would be willing to buy. In fact, 71% of parents have reported selling fundraising products to friends, family, and coworkers. Even if tshirts aren’t the products being sold, the use of tshirts can unify those taking part in the fundraiser.

How Can I Have Fundraising Tshirts Made?

The process of making fundraising tshirts is not actually that complicated. However, having them made in bulk can be a bit more complicated. The best thing you can do is find a company that makes school spirit apparel. These companies can make not only tshirts but other types of apparel to your specifications. They won’t just be high quality, but comfortable — making everyone involved happy.

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