Where someone decides to sleep — and what products they sleep on — is one of the most important decisions on a person’s life. It’s true that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, but the quality of our sleep affects the other two-thirds of our lives. If we have bad sleep habits or have an uncomfortable bed, we are not going to feel as happy, productive, and energetic throughout the rest of our lives.

Linen sheets, however, can provide us with that comfortable and peaceful sleep that we deserve. Here are a few major benefits of linen sheets:

  1. Stay Cool — Nothing is worse than spending the entire night tossing and turning because it’s too hot to get comfortable. If you’re a sweaty person and you try and sleep through a night of 90 plus degrees, your pillow and sheets will end up being soaked with your own swear. A person who sleeps with linen bed sheets, however, will perspire more than 1.5 times less than someone using cotton and twice as much as someone sleeping with viscose sheets.
  2. Stay Warm — Obviously, when it’s hot out you’re going to want to stay as cool as possible while you sleep. The same is true for those freezing winter nights. Linen sheets are great at keeping warm air in so you can stay snuggled up and warm throughout the night.
  3. Absorb Moisture — One of the main benefits of linen sheets is their ability to absorb moisture throughout the day and night. That’s why linen always feels so fresh and cool to the touch, because the fabric can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture.
  4. Protect Yourself — Protection, believe it or not, is another great reason linen sheets are so wonderful. Linen sheets can reduce radiation from gamma rays by nearly 50% and protects against solar radiation. Along with that, linen sheets are also bacteria resistant, fighters of allergens, and are great options for people with skin diseases.
  5. Shock-Free Sleep — Static bed sheets can cause so many problems during the night. You could be sleeping soundly and then move an arm just an inch and get a static jolt that wakes you up. Linen sheets never accumulate static electricity. Even 10% of linen bedding is enough to completely eradicate static electricity.
  6. They Get Better Over Time — If you’re not sold on linen sheets yet, this is one of the best benefits of linen sheets because it saves money and nearly defies physics. The more you sleep, use, and wash linen sheets, the softer and more comfortable they will be. So your quality of sleep will actually increase over time. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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