One of the most common purchases, sunglasses are offered by many different designers and in many different styles and frames. While different forms of sun-blocking eyewear have been worn for almost 2,000 years now, much has been done to increase the fashionable nature of today’s eyewear. Many American adults wear prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, and many of them end up broken or lost on a regular basis. Therefore, the sunglasses industry continues to grow.

Fashion is Part of the Greatest Annual Expense

There are so many pairs of glasses sold every year, whether they are intended for wear in the sun or basically for a prescription. Over time eyewear has become a luxury item, sold under many high-priced retail brands. Interestingly enough, however, most all of those designer brand sunglasses are produced by the same company, Luxottica. These brands include Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Burberry, Oakley, and Ray-Ban.

Additional Designers for Sunglasses

Many luxury designers have made an effort to launch their brands well beyond the name of traditional and fashionable trends in clothing and shoes. Eyewear and other accessories have entered their stores as well as those exported to other retailers. This is one time where the greatest and most luxurious option becomes one to include in your closet, or at least in your purse or bag with other items you own that have been created by the top designers in the world. Some of those who make sunglasses in addition to their primary items include:

  • Charles Jeffrey Clothing
  • Chin Clothing
  • Dilara Findikoglu Clothing
  • Glenn Martens
  • Henrik Vibskov Clothing
  • Martina Spetlova Collection
  • Unisex Brand
  • Mykita Gold
  • Mykita Haus

With all of these designers included in this market, there is incredible room for the option of various brands to create their own sunglasses and expand the competition in the industry. One choice could be that brands with more selections to choose from will be the ones that complete more sales. This could make the development of different frames and styles something that could add to the names of those already luxurious brands. With so many different glasses available for the growth of the clothing and fashion industry, something can be said for the benefit of adding various accessories to any line of clothing and shoes. Based on the $1700 or so each family spends per year on clothing, much could be gained from these businesses by adding more eye-catching products to their line.

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