Clothing is one of the greatest expenses made in the American home annually, especially during the back-to-school shopping period. Preparing for every new school year, over half of the budget is spent on new clothes and shoes.

The Favorite Clothing Items

It has been reported that one of the most popular clothing items in the American closet is the t-shirt. Almost two-thirds of all Americans state that they own over 10 t-shirts. Many of these are based on a theme or even a favorite athletic team, but there are much more popular choices than that. Interestingly enough, the mama bear t-shirt is a stylish choice.

The American Clothing Expense

Beyond those children that require a new batch of clothes every fall, it is known that the average American woman throughout her life will spend about $125,000 on an entire clothing wardrobe. This includes shoes and accessories as well. With that in mind, knowing what is spent throughout the year in a single household on clothes, this is an industry growing quite quickly. It is projected that the American fashion apparel and accessory industry is projected to exceed 90 billion dollars within the next few years.

Women and the Cute Look

It has been reported that women tend to struggle for a new cute look every day. So many of these include the casual, comfortable nature that works for many different locations, especially those outside of the workplace. There are many t-shirts available for those, including the mama bear look as one of the most popular. Additionally, there are several other t-shirts that provide a cute look, such as:

  • jersey knit t-shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • t-shirts for moms
  • jersey knit shirts

Added Accessories for the Cute Look

Even more than mama bear t-shirts and others, there are several options for a cute look as well. So many of them include hats and other accessories that may be able to provide added color and style to a simple outfit of just jeans and a shirt. Some of these may include:

  • ponytail caps
  • slouchy beanies
  • team color beanies
  • knit beanies
  • knit hats
  • knitted beanies
  • crochet beanies
  • faux fur poms
  • girls baseball caps
  • caps for ponytails
  • cc beanie hats
  • cc caps
  • visors for girls

With so many options for accessories for women, from season to season, or even based upon their favorite colors or teams, there is much to gain at any time to build a cute look. Accessories could include hats, caps, beanies, scarves, and much more. There is no reason to limit the search for the exact match that meets your needs for the daily wardrobe.

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