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From ceremonial wedding flowers to soft sympathy flowers to get well flower bouquets and everything in between, the timeless beauty of flowers has always been used to heal, inspire, celebrate, and honor. Flowers evoke a sense of emotion that transcends verbal language, making the perfect accompaniment to any celebration, event, or milestone.

But you don’t have to wait for a special event to stop and smell the roses! You can ? and frankly you should ? enjoy the beauty of and benefits of flower bouquets just because, and doing so can improve your well being in a number of ways!

Here are three important areas of well being in which the use of flower bouquets can yield impressive results.


When loved ones are sick it seems everyone runs to the florist shop to order get well bouquets. This is more than just a courteous tradition, but a wellness tip that people have known for some time. A 2008 study performed by researchers Park and Mattson confirmed the belief that flower bouquets help people get better faster is indeed a fact and not a myth. It was found that hospital patients whose rooms were adorned with flowers and plants required less pain medication, had reduced blood pressure and pulse rates, experienced less anxiety, and had an overall better psychological state than patients whose rooms did not have flowers or plants.

If you’re feeling under the weather at home, incorporating flower bouquets into your living and resting spaces may be just what the doctor asked for!


Brain fog and fuzziness are real and they can become a real pain when you have work that needs to get done and get done well. Mental fatigue seems to be prevalent nowadays and can be difficult to live with. Although there are a number of effective ways to improve mental stamina and focus, flower bouquets can be especially helpful. Studies have shown that the presence of fresh flowers in offices significantly improved cognitive ability. This includes the use of fresh green plants, which release a fresh supply of oxygen into the air. You may find that adding fresh flowers and plants to work space will improve your cognition, focus, and mental stamina.


The presence of flowers can be especially comforting after the passing of a loved one. A great way to honor the relationship is to decorate with flower arrangements using the favorite flower of the loved one who has passed. This can help friends and families experience a sense of peace and closeness. On the other hand flowers can also be used for more light hearted occasions and purposes, and have been shown to improve depressed mood.

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