Quilting can be known as either a hobby or business, with many different options in quilts available. Handmade quilts are a specialty market, even with the access to antique handmade quilts providing a larger market. Some quilts are very large, while others are quite specific to the requests of a certain customer. Therefore, quilting is a very skilled task overall.

Handmade Quilts in Outdoor Activities

Quilting is needed quite often for outdoor apparel of all sorts. Antique handmade quilts are often considered valuable for covering needs during hiking and camping trips. Considering the fact that hiking was in the top four outdoor activities in the United States in 2017, there is much needed as warmth for those almost 45 million hikers across the country.

Different Types of Outdoor Clothing Included with Quilts

In addition to handmade quilts, there is the inclusion of quilted material in outdoor apparel for all of you who love to take on these outdoor activities like hiking and camping. There is a need for clothing, blankets, quilts, and everything that can keep the entire family warm and protected throughout your trip. All of your outdoor clothing needs to meet the quality needed for your activities, and this can include antique handmade quilts that have met strength and durability needs. You could be facing the cold and snow, rain, mud, or other weather troubles, and there is still a need for protection during play or work outdoors. This could involve yard work and outdoor housework, providing the need for protective outdoor gear. Some of these include:

  • Boys outdoor apparel
  • Girls outdoor apparel
  • Mens outdoor pants and tops
  • Mens outdoor shoes
  • Womens outdoor wear
  • Womens outdoor pants and tops
  • Flame resistant apparel
  • Outdoor clothing accessories
  • Kids outdoor clothing

Antique Handmade Quilts

Most often, handmade quilts were the popular creation throughout history, with many of those antique handmade quilts still available for specific clothing and blanket needs. There has grown a great deal of online shopping for clothing and other items, with continued growth projected to reach 1.2 billion shoppers by 2020. This means that the antique handmade quilts that have been so much involved in the clothing and other needs of the past may need to be entered in the automated shopping systems of the future.

So, with millions of handmade quilters available around the world, there may just be a need for some of these stores to move to an online basis to help keep their business growing. With the continued need for quality handmade quilts for those who enjoy outdoor activities, there is much to the market that will remain and likely grow. While many quilts can still be handmade, there is no reason to avoid the automation that can help to grow the retail sales that can be made in mass online.

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