It can be easy to think of ads and marketing campaigns when it comes to promoting your business. Those are great forms of advertising and are a way to reach a lot of people. However, it is also possible to promote your business through the use of print as well. It’s a more subtle form of marketing, but it can work well if you have the right design and utilize it at the right times. When used during public functions or as a giveaway, it can put your business out there and help people to remember you. Let’s go over three forms of print marketing you can use to bring in new customers.


Custom design t-shirts are a great way to get your business out there. You can use them during public events by having your associates wear them. With an eye catching design you will essentially turn your entire team into walking billboards. You can also use embroidered t-shirts or screen printed t-shirts as a giveaway item. If you’re running a booth or an online promotion, have them on hand and give them away when people sign up for a feature you are promoting.


Screen printed or embroidered hats are another great item that can be used in the same way as the t-shirts. They make a great promotional item, especially when you use a design that is appealing to the masses. You can also just wear them out and about and potentially open up a line for questions and conversations about your business.


Custom designed banners are a great option for public events or promoting outside your building. If you’re running a booth at an event, then a well designed banner can help draw people to you. You can also use custom designed banners to hang outside your building and tell passerby about special sales or promotions that are happening.

Print is a wonderful way to get your business out there in a more passive way. It can work hand in hand with more active campaigns to create the most hype possible for your company. It allows you to market your business everywhere you go and create the first impression you want to give to potential customers.

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