The holidays may be over, but the new year is ready to send a bunch of birthdays and office events your way. Got ideas for gifts?

Sometimes the best way to go about things is to slow down and take a look at the past. Classics stick around for a reason and nowhere is this more clear than rodeo culture. A slice of the then with a slice of the now, there’s something truly special about Western fashion and memorabilia. Even those with a casual interest in the culture can find something to love when they open up a gift and find a pair of mens rodeo shirts. Need a few more ideas?

Get creative next time a special someone could use a special gift. Try these gifts on for size.

Did You Know?

Just how powerful is a fashion statement, anyway? Psychology has the answer. Recent studies have found first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone. As much as 55% of a person’s opinion can be determined by physical appearance alone, with fashion being high up on the list of features. Buying someone the best sunglasses around is more than just thoughtful…it’s giving them a serious boost in their day-to-day life!

The Best Sunglasses Make A Useful And Fashionable Accessory

There’s nothing like having a little bit of everything in one handy package. If you know anyone who’s in the middle of upgrading their appearance, meet them halfway with the best sunglasses. These can be tossed on just about any outfit, adding a stylish touch that’s also incredibly functional. You can bundle this with a sunglasses case or a spare pair, if you’re feeling generous. When it comes to the whole ensemble, though…

Rodeo Western Boots Have Yet To Go Out Of Style

Just what is it about the Old West that gets people hooked, time and time again? You see it in videogames, you see it in films…Americans just get a craving for that wild, untamed spirit of the land. Silver Spurs Rodeo has gone at lengths to explain the growth of rodeos in the United States, first being established in the 20th century and expanding to each corner of the country. Western fashion and culture is just one way of getting your feet wet in many decades’ worth of history. Rodeo boots are snug, practical, and look great with a slick pair of jeans.

Western Graphic Tees Are Modern And Old-Fashioned

If unshaped cowboy hats and Western boots are a little too much, you can always swing right back to modern with some Western style graphic tees. T-shirts are easily one of the most common articles of clothing worn around the world, favored for their simplicity and easy production. You can find them short-sleeved, long-sleeved, decorated or plain…there’s almost no end to what they can do! Tuck them in with the best sunglasses or womens western caps for a well-rounded look.

There’s No Harm In A Little Novelty

When you want to go a step further and really surprise a co-worker or family member, reach for novelty. Rodeo ladies jeans can be a fun and practical gift for someone’s birthday, while the best sunglasses can be slipped alongside Western style money clips for some unforgettable variety. You could also just get them some funky shoes! IBIS World has reported dress shoes and casual footwear to comprise the largest product segment for the online shoe sales industry, as high as 40% back in 2018.

Wipe away those holiday blues. There will be plenty more opportunities to put a smile on a special person’s face in 2019!

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