More people than ever are traveling around the world. Whether for business purposes or leisure, the world has never seemed bigger — or smaller — than it is today.

As you can likely imagine, a good wallet goes a long way. Not only should it keep your money dry, it should keep every last card and cent safe. This isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t want to carry your purse around or worry about the durability of your wallet’s material. How do you get the convenience of a small, simple wallet without sacrificing the other qualities? When you build your own wallet you get to choose all the little details.

Should you use a carbon fiber wallet? What about a simple money clip when you’re out on the town? Learn more about the benefits of a good wallet and why you literally can’t afford to skimp out.

It’s no small wonder why a good wallet has become synonymous with travel. When you’re not being pickpocketed in the street you’re worried about having your money spill out onto the ground. Bad wallets create bad times…and you definitely deserve better. According to a recent report by The Fashion And Apparel Industry, worldwide revenue for general fashion is expected to increase significantly over the next four years from $480 billion to $715 billion in 2022. Accessories, as you can imagine, are only going to get better.

It’s not just materials you have to look forward to. There are just more fashion consumers in general. One study found new fashion customers tend to hover between the ages of 16 and 27 or 25 to 35 — these are going to collectively grow to over one billion once 2020 arrives. Finding out where you stand in the pack is a mixture of exploring your inner needs as well as looking at what’s popular. Learning how to build your own wallet is a function that transcends age, gender, lifestyle habits, work, and personal tastes.

For those worried about safety, you’re on the right track. Identity theft remains one of the biggest issues facing American adults today…and it’s never been easier to just run off with someone’s cash. The year 2017 alone saw an estimated 15 million victims of identity fraud. Over 15% of all these cases in that year were from credit cards — unlike debit cards, credit cards only need to be swiped in order to be used by anyone. When you build your own wallet you protect against these would-be scenarios, saving you countless hours and dollars setting things right again.

Sometimes you want to take a roll of cash with you on the go. Other times you want to bring a few credit cards to work your way through the weekend. Whatever you choose, trust that you’ll get it right when you build your own wallet. The add-on money clip is highly useful for when you want to carry little else but the clothes on your back (and maybe your phone) to the marketplace — it’s simple, fits in your pocket easily, and doesn’t involve much handling when taken out. The quick access thin credit card wallet is not much different.

While fancy leather wallets can certainly draw the eye, they’re a little too noticeable for what you need. Here are a few rules of thumb you can follow next time you’re traveling. It’s important to never stick your wallet in your back pocket, even if it feels snug and secure — all it takes is one swipe for someone to run off with hundreds of dollars, your ID, and goodness knows what else. Having more than one wallet will help, too. The carbon fiber card wallet pairs nicely with the simple money clip.

Travel safely by going for less. Use a simple, easy access wallet to protect yourself from identity theft.

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