Your short term hopes and dreams are to stay calm and make it through the next 10 days. With your oldest daughter home after graduating college, your niece, her husband and two young boys living with you for another week, and planning for our younger daughter’s graduation party, patience is a must. And while my long term hopes and dreams are to write a book about the 18 years your girls have spent in public schools, the short term goal of remaining calm, patient, and kind the next few days seem nearly as difficult.

From trying to reign in your comments about nose rings and tattoo designs, there are many times when you feel as if patience is fleeting! And while you have never considered a nose ring or tattoo for yourself, you realize that you are increasingly alone in this attitude. In fact, while you are busy planning for a weekend graduation party this Memorial Weekend, your daughter’s and many of their friends are trying to fit a visit to the midwest’s largest tattoo convention into their schedules.

Tattoo Shops Offer a Number of Increasingly Popular Services

There are a growing number of people who are interested in the services that are provided by tattoo artists, tattoo removal offices, and body piercing. In a time when many people are looking for ways to express themselves, there are many times when a tattoo parlor is the perfect solution. In addition to the number of people of all ages who are looking for new ways of self expression, there are also many who are looking to get rid of previous tattoo decisions and to find a way to deal with the lingering and intense pain of migraines.

The latest research indicates that there are approximately 21,000 tattoo parlors in the U.S. And while 14% of Americans of all ages have at least one tattoo, another 11% of people with tattoos have had one removed, or are in the process of getting one removed. Whether you are a parent trying to find patience for a long weekend of graduation celebrations or a teenager looking to express yourself through a tattoo or a nose ring, there are many options available.

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