Moroccan rugs are unique, stylish, and oftentimes colorful pieces that can really add something more to the decor of a home. That being said, these beautiful pieces may sometimes equally stun with their high price points. But what makes Moroccan rugs so much more expensive than other area rugs that can be found online? Business Insider takes a closer look at the process of making a Moroccan rug to see what goes into it and why the finished product costs more than its modern counterparts.

The reason why Moroccan rugs can be boiled down to two key things: materials and labor. Every Moroccan rug is painstakingly woven by hand, with the crafters tying each knot and making up the designs as they go. More impressively, these rugs can take up to 20 kilos of raw wool to be completed. Moroccan rugs have a unique sheen to them due to the use of live wool, which helps them stand out from other types of rugs on the market. Put simply, the amount of time that needs to go into the making of these rugs and the sheer amount of materials required to complete them results in an expensive, but worthy result.

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Moroccan rugs are gorgeous pieces that each tell their own story. For those willing to make the investment, hand-woven Moroccan rugs are sure to enhance the look of any area inside the home. Get ready for a beautiful addition!

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