Attending a Grateful Dead or Dead & Company concert offers more than music. The dedicated fans of the band design their own Grateful Dead clothing, paying homage to their favorite music and its philosophy. As this video illustrates, some fans design accessories and jewelry, too.

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Tie-dyed clothing proves most popular at concerts of “The Dead.” Fans put together outfits that provide comfort and style, such as loose-fitting pants and flowing skirts topped with t-shirts or peasant blouses. Some designers paint their shoes or boots with glow-in-the-dark paints, so they seem to dance by themselves at nighttime concerts.

Many people opt for accessories that provide functionality and good looks, such as fanny packs for organizing money, snacks and a water bottle, and scarves for tying back their hair or covering their faces in windy conditions. A fanny pack may undergo the tie-dyeing process, or the designer might sew many patches on it, representing Grateful Dead albums or concert tours. Scarves come in tie-dyed prints, solid colors, or stripes, typically in long lengths.

Jewelry includes pins, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, most crafted in silver or platinum. Wire wrapping proves popular among the Deadheads, as the band’s fans dub themselves. Some concertgoers wear only one statement piece of jewelry, while others decorate their jackets or vests with pins representing their favorite bands, tours, or albums.

Although Dead & Company mounted its last tour in 2023, the remaining band members of the original Grateful Dead promised projects from each individual. Get your Deadhead outfit ready for the next iteration of this philosophical group of musicians. Take ideas from existing outfits or come up with your own ideas based on how you want to spend a day or weekend at a concert.

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