Donating to charity is something that has fortunately become hugely commonplace all throughout the United States. In fact, recent research even shows that more than 95% of the American population is giving back to charity in some way or another over the course of a single year. But it’s important to note that giving charitably will not look the same for everyone. For while many people choose to partake in charitable giving in the form of monetary donations, this is not something that will be applicable or even possible for a large percentage of the population.

Fortunately, there are ways to participate in different types of charitable giving even if you don’t have a particularly large expendable income – or really any expendable income at all. In fact, used clothing donations have become more popular than ever before. There are many types of charities that will take donated clothes, from organizations that help military families to the American Red Cross. Even the smallest clothing donation can end up making some type of impact.

After all, clothing donations here in the United States do more than just help families in need, though helping families in need is certainly on of the best reasons to donate clothing and is certainly one the should not be discounted by any means. But in addition to helping families and people that are in need, clothing donations can also have a tremendously positive environmental impact as well. After all, people in the United States are consuming more new clothing and garments than ever before, with the average person going through as many as 70 garments over the course of just one single year. The lone woman here in the United States now has as many as 30 total outfits, more than ten more than what the average woman would have owned about 100 years in the past.

Because of this, more and more people are throwing away greater quantities of clothing and other sorts of textiles than ever before as well, something that is already beginning to have a profound environmental impact not just here in the United States but throughout the world as a whole as well. With only about 15% of all used clothing actually donated to a place like a charity pick up, more than ten and a half million tons are being sent to landfills instead.

Fortunately, however, donating to something like a charity pick up is becoming more and more commonplace – especially since at least one charity pick up is typically able to be found in just about every part of the country and in every community here in the United States. With donating to a local charity pick up now so easy and hassle free, more and more people are choosing to give their used clothing to a charity pick up instead of simply sending them to a landfill, something that is only likely to increase with time and as the typical used clothing charity pick up site become more common than ever before.

And more and more people are getting on board with recycling. After all, nearly 87 million tons of material were both recycled and composted here in the United States in the year of 2012 alone, a number that has truly only continued to grow with time. For many people, recycling services have made recycling so much easier, and the growth of recycling curb pick up programs has greatly increased the actual amount that people are recycling on a day to day or weekly basis. Of course, recycling in the form of old clothing is hugely beneficial for the person who is actually doing the recycling as well.

After all, the typical home here in the United States is one that is quite cluttered indeed, typically containing at least 300,000 objects within it, if not even more than that. Taking the time to clean out a closet can help a home to feel considerably less cluttered than would actually otherwise even be possible, and is something to be considered in just about every home here in the United States. Most us have close we don’t wear.

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