Veterans charities are hugely important institutions all throughout the United States. After all, it is all too common a thing that our veterans do not have the support that they are so very much in need of. For many veterans, life after active duty has been difficult, and making a way in civilian life has proven challenging. For such veterans, veterans donations as given to veterans charities can go a long way towards making ends meet.

For one thing, veterans often find it difficult to do this on their own, as employment rates are lower than normal for the population of veterans in this country versus the population of civilians. In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. This data shows that more than 200,000 veterans had currently been out of work by the time we reached the March of 2013. And in the years that have followed since, this problem has continued to be pronounced.

After all, there are many reasons for veterans to be in need of veterans donations and unable to work, even if only for a relatively short period of time. For instance, wounded veterans are not uncommon, and sometimes these wounds can prevent reentry into normal working life as soon as they are discharged from whatever branch of the military it was that they served in. For such veterans, veterans donations are often critical during the process of healing and adjusting to civilian life, which is certainly not an easy adjustment to make.

It’s important to note here that many veterans have families and that these veterans donations do not just help the veterans in question, but their families as well. Helping military families through veterans donations can help children, wives, husbands, and more. It can help to keep families stable and afloat – and able to support the recovering veteran. Providing things like medical care and even counseling (as PTSD is most certainly not something to take lightly) is something that veterans donations can do – or can at least help to facilitate in some manner. And helping families in need is certainly something that many people care about, so much so that more than 95% of all people throughout the United States are giving back to therapy in some way or another, even if they don’t end up giving in the form of veterans donations.

But how, exactly, can you give back? Monetary donations are, of course, always an option. So too are used clothing donations. Charitable clothing donations are actually hugely valuable, especially when you consider the fact that so many of us have so much to give. After all, a woman of today is likely to have, on average, as many as 30 total outfits. That’s a stark comparison to how things were less than 100 years ago, when an average of nine total outfits was the norm – and a woman who had nine outfits was certainly considered fortunate and well off. This means that most of us have closets that are overflowing with clothing. Giving away these clothes in the form of veterans donations is something that is likely to help a great many people.

Even past the benefits of veterans donations, donating clothing is something that is largely beneficial to all of us, as it helps the environment quite dramatically indeed. After all, we are currently only donating around 15% of all textile goods and sending as many as ten and a half million tons to the landfills in this country on a yearly basis. But taking steps to donate instead of discard in a trash can is becoming all the easier with the spread of organizations that pick up donations and clothing drop off sites. It’s also free to donate clothing, making it as easy as possible to prevent any more harm from being done to our world as we know it.

At the end of the day, giving back in the form of various charitable donations is something that can help a great many people all throughout our world. It is also something that can benefit our planet as a whole – something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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